Perdition Home, Home Haunt, Haunted House, Yorba Linda, CA


Perdition Home is a home haunt located in Yorba Linda, CA. Marketing itself as “Orange County’s Goriest Home Haunted Attraction”, Perdition Home features bloody and intricate set design, including some of the most grotesque props found anywhere.

  • Located at 5181 Manor View Dr in Yorba Linda, CA
  • Walkthrough haunted house with jump scares
  • No intentional touch from actors
  • Recommended for guests age 16 and up
  • Extremely graphic and gory design, including some sexual imagery
  • Minimal special effects including strobe lights and loud sounds
  • Includes tight spaces and intimate scares

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More on Perdition Home

Perdition Home is not for the faint of heart. Featuring some of the most disturbingly realistic set design in the Los Angeles area, Perdition home aims not only for screams, but also a profound sense of disgust. Decapitated and disemboweled bodies are the focus of nearly every room – and as your stomach turns looking at them, veteran scare actors are there to seize the moment. For this reason, as well as some of the sexual elements on display, Perdition Haunt is certainly not for children, or frankly for most adults.

But for those with an appreciation for grisly craftsmanship, Perdition Home is a must-see, especially at the attractive price of, well, nothing (though donations are gladly accepted). Even before the haunt begins, the creators’ impressive construction work is on display, with an ominous facade attached to the small Yorba Linda home. Waiting in line, guests are warned by a handful of mutilated bodies nailed to wooden posts. They’re a good test for curious visitors – if these flayed corpses seem a bit much, it may be time to turn back. Once inside, horror fans are treated to a horrific series of violent scenes, with monsters and murderers attacking from all sides. It’s an assault on the senses, and sure to make you appreciate your current arrangement of internal organs.

The Haunt typically runs in late October, and is located relatively close to The Fleshyard, another well-received home haunt. The scares are fairly traditional, with a very small team of actors popping in and out of secret compartments and holes in the wall. Loud “boomsticks” are often used to enhance scares, and the grisly props are used to great effect for misdirection. Not everyone will find beauty in the world of Perdition, but none will be able to look away.

Sometimes the most disturbing thing about a haunt is a “free” ticket. Perdition Home certainly looks expensive, and given its brutal content, guests may wonder what kind of sick pleasure the creators must be deriving, asking nothing in return. Though you may not pay for Perdition with money, you might just pay with your innocence.


august, 2022


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