Pseudonym Productions

Pseudonym Productions creates themed entertainment that’s fully interactive, with an emphasis on theater, art, and gaming.

  • Based out of Orlando, Fl
  • Immersive experiences that are local or remote, allowing global play
  • In-person experiences in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Orlando
  • Online ARXs, such as NoFilter, relying on phone, email, & in-person interactions
  • Solo and group shows
  • Smart commentary delivered through narratives
  • Full contact, nudity, & sexual situations in some shows
  • Limited runs: only open a few nights per year

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More on Pseudonym Productions

Since 2013, Pseudonym has been creating living experiences. They hijack traditional theater to engage with the audience, drawing them into the performance as essential characters – bending, shaping, and actively participating in an elaborate narrative unfolding around them.

Like in an open world video game, the audience explores and interacts with fully responsive physical environments controlling the flow and direction of the performance while simultaneously being guided and entertained by professional actors.

The resulting experience becomes a true collaboration between its creators, actors, and players.

They create themed entertainment that’s fully interactive, with an emphasis on theater, art, and gaming. It’s entertainment that’s designed to be fun, but also make audiences feel, think, and push boundaries.

While they are located in Orlando, FL, some of their experiences are online ARGs and accessible to anyone.

Click here to read our previous review on their remote experience: No Filter.

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