Horrorworld – Interview with Larry Bones Offers Insight into a Haunt Paradise

Below is an interview with Larry Bones, creator of Horrorworld and Into the Black, at Midsummer Scream 2018. Huge thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming this excellent video and Jon Kobryn for his editing skills! 



Into the Black was an insanely ambitious project, with a haunted attraction, a virtual reality experience, a short film, and a documentary to tie it all together. While the virtual reality and films are not following Into the Black into 2018, the ambition sure as hell is. This year, Larry Bones is creating a haunter’s paradise by listening to feedback from last year and bringing in more haunted attractions to give fans more scares in a singular location– a location he calls Horrorworld. At the Puente Hills Mall in Rowland Heights, Horrorworld offers guests access to three haunted houses–an updated Into The Black, The Psycho Sanitarium, and The Fleshyard–as well as numerous vendors and spooky games!


Haunting had a chance to catch up with Horroworld creator, Larry Bones, at Midsummer Scream to learn more about this haunted attraction. Watch the video below!

More Information on Horrorworld Attractions

Into The Black

The legend says that the Black house was built in 1866 by a family deeply involved in Human Sacrifice, Devil Worship and Demonic Possession. For years the infamous house had been lost to legend. Recently rediscovered, the Black house and the evil that lurks within has survived over 150 Years.

Are you brave enough to enter completely alone?


The Psycho Sanitarium

This Horrifying and Visceral experience will take guests into the confines of a dark and destitute psychiatric facility. Take a first-hand look into the lives and deaths of The Psycho Sanitarium’s abused and neglected patients. Can you escape the innermost horrors of The Psycho Sanitarium or will you join the restless residents?


The Fleshyard

After Abraham and Sarah Kearny are found brutally murdered in their home with their 5 children, their once successful livestock farm is burned to the ground to erase the memories of its former inhabitants. The spirits of the violently butchered family cannot rest. They will continue to haunt their land while they seek vengeance for their untimely demise.



For more information on Horrorworld, check out their website, our company page on Into The Black, or our coverage of their haunted experience last year.

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