Into The Black

Into The Black is an ambitious experience from Larry Bones, of Bone Yard Effects, spanning a movie, a virtual reality experience, a haunt, and a documentary about putting it all together.

  • Into The Black
  • Los Angeles area
  • Individual experience
  • Fear and dread without physical contact
  • Four part experience consisting of a movie, VR experience, haunt, and documentary
  • An exploration into the paranormal and the occult

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More on Into The Black

What do you get when you combine a movie, a VR experience, a solo haunt, and a documentary about how they put it all together? You wind up with Larry Bones’ Into The Black, an ambitious experience taking place at the Pomona Fairplex in October 2017. The movie, VR experience, and haunt will all focus on The Black House, an old Victorian mansion which used to be the home of Anton and Isabella Black. Anton and Isabella were engaged in occult practices and were blamed by the nearby villagers when people started to go missing. Since then, the stories of The Black House have only been acknowledged as stories.

That all changes when a group of paranormal investigators decide to explore the frightening mansion. Their trip into The Black House will be documented in the movie set to be released at Midsummer Scream in July (it will also be available on YouTube after it’s premiere). While the movie won’t be a necessity to those who go through the VR experience and haunt, it will help explain what’s been going on and offer Easter eggs for participants to find in the other aspects of Into The Black.

Next up is the VR experience. This will allow attendees to venture back into 1866 and let them see the horrors committed by Anton and Isabella in The Black House first hand. For those nervous about VR, Larry Bones assured us that they are taking every precaution to ensure that participants don’t get motion sickness. Even though those who come to explore the history of The Black House will feel like they’re moving through it, they will be stationary the whole time.

Finally, everyone will be able to follow the steps of the paranormal investigators from the movie and enter The Black House in present day. The haunt portion of Into The Black won’t be extreme, but it will rely on pure fear. Each person will make their way through the mansion on their own, which will help build the dread and anticipation so attendees will be truly scared. If you’re worried that the haunt will rely solely on dread, worry no more; there will be plenty of scary section with plenty of demons to keep keep everyone on their toes while they’re in The Black House. 



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