A Year in Sin: An Exclusive Look at Drunken Devil’s Sinners Social Club in 2018

The Sinners Social Club

In 2017, Matt Dorado’s Drunken Devil, a richly detailed experiment in themed, hedonistic nightlife, elevated its already impressive lineup with the introduction of the Sinners Social Club. Members of the Sinners Social Club were guaranteed tickets to the final two Drunken Devil events of the year (Curse of the Jungle Drums and Night of 1,000 Devils), which provided exclusive cocktail hours, as well as an invite to a special members-only boozy Christmas dinner to round out the year.  Early adopters of the Sinners Social Club were able to capitalize on something truly special: a rapidly growing potential to re-write immersive nightlife with a decadent horror twist. For 2017 members, it was as if this past year was the birth of sin, but for those lucky enough to find themselves amongst Matt Dorado’s select group of Sinners this year, 2018 promises to be The Year of the Devil.



SInners Social Club Matt Dorado Drunken Devil Nightlife Los Angeles Horror Party



With the success of the social club in 2017, Dorado has made some much-anticipated tweaks to his members benefits.  The full year membership for 2018 now includes all four main Drunken Devil parties, including the infamous yearly Bloody Gras shindig in February, as well as an invite-only event in connection with an October show and the private Christmas dinner.


An Expanded Universe

Dorado is using this year’s events to vastly expand on the Drunken Devil universe as a whole. “Instead of just producing wild and debauched parties, Drunken Devil is deeply rooted in story, and as guests begin to encounter more of the Devil’s minions, they’ll begin to see that there is an entire universe made up of people who’ve had a drink with the Devil. Over the next few years, guests will experience more “origin stories” of these characters, and then begin to see these characters return over and over again,” says Dorado, offering an exciting and far-reaching glimpse into the bright future of his vision. 


Dorado revealed another intriguing wrinkle: these aforementioned characters and their origin stories will each represent one of the Seven Deadly Sins; these themes will also color the parties in which we meet them. Last year, members and guests alike had the opportunity to meet two such individuals at last year’s summer and fall events, John Washburn and Damian Bloodworth, representing Greed and Wrath, respectively. Continuing in this vein: Bloody Gras in February will be centered around our Lust character, and June’s show will introduce us to Vanity.



SInners Social Club Matt Dorado Drunken Devil Nightlife Los Angeles Horror Party



A Return to Horror

But none of these strategic story choices changes Dorado’s primary vision for Drunken Devil: “2017 was a great year for us as we experimented with what worked and what didn’t in terms of our shows.  This year, we are basically getting back to our core: making parties rooted in horror,” he says.  Guests can expect a broader variety of performances, a darker, gorier atmosphere than ever before, and elaborate details coming together to add to an overall sinister vibe that is the calling card of The Devil.  Members will benefit greatly in 2018 from extended Member’s Hours before each party that will include “intimate interactions and reveals” only intended for them, per Dorado. He goes on to explain that “there will be elements during the Members Hours that will affect the main party, giving only those in the Inner Circle a much deeper look into these characters and their stories.”  This perk, in particular, should be very intriguing for immersive theatre fans and those who love to unravel a good mystery.




New Deviled Eggs

Additionally, 2018 will continue Drunken Devil’s foray into not-so-traditional burlesque theatre. Deviled Eggs is a dine-in performance featuring some of the most talented dancers working today, many of whom are Drunken Devil regulars. Guests can sip on hot coffee or cold, bottomless mimosas and take in a very unique twist on brunch fare.   On January 21st, 2018, Deviled Eggs presents their 70s inspired show, which will turn Brack Shop Tavern into a disco hall, featuring specialty cocktails based on everyone’s favorite 70s tunes.  This event will also feature characters for guests to mingle with, adding in that now-familiar immersive flair to the event.



SInners Social Club Matt Dorado Drunken Devil Nightlife Los Angeles Horror Party



Restless Nites

A last major and exciting change to Drunken Devil’s business model shifts their ticketing system.  Tickets to all events (parties, dinners, brunches, and any auxiliary events) will be exclusively sold via Restless Nites, the leading nightlife and event curator in Los Angeles.  Amongst Restless Nites recent events was a partnership with Spaceland Presents and members-only club Cloak & Dagger for the wildly successful Cloak & Dagger: From Dusk Till Dawn music festival.




An Invitation to the Underworld

With all this on the horizon for 2018, a membership to Drunken Devil’s Sinners Social Club is well worth the cost for adventurous partygoers. In fact, it’s far more than access to discounts, it’s an invitation to join a group of like-minded friends willing to go the extra mile to enjoy what Los Angeles theatre and nightlife has to offer. When you join the Sinners, you’re invited into an inner circle the likes of which you cannot find anywhere else.  Matt Dorado throws a party this world, or underworld, has never even dreamt of. So start your year off with a bang.  Sip a stiff drink in a smoky room with a stranger.  Grasp for the hand of a Deadly Sin. Take a turn with the Devil.


Memberships for the full year are $300, and include 4 events, extended open bar cocktail hours for Sinners, exclusive content, and discounted offers to monthly and bi-monthly events like To Live and Di(n)e in LA and the aforementioned Deviled Eggs Burlesque Brunch. (Deviled Eggs events throughout 2017 regularly sold out, so don’t hesitate to purchase tickets at $50-$65 for a full meal.)  New and renewing Sinners Social Club members can pay in installments of $150.00; the second installment is now available, with total payment due by February 2nd, 2018. For more information visit Drunken Devil at their website, on Instagram, on Twitter, or on Facebook.

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