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The Drunken Devil is king of Halloween Parties. Last year, they expanded out from the Halloween umbrella and proved they can succeed at year-round events. Now, The Drunken Devil is expanding once again. Their festive parties will now incorporate a more intimate feel as they expertly combine craft-cocktails, hand-selected food, and one-on-one encounters with festive characters that all compliment a given theme. Drunken Devil will no longer just be a party, but a holistic experience. Further, they are offering a membership for 2017 called the Sinner’s Social Club. Bringing together a community of fifty members, this club is extremely exclusive; providing intimate interactions with key characters, hand-crafted food and cocktails, and set décor that is unique to a special “Members Hour” prior to each event. Further, for those that opt in, you can correspond with the Drunken Devil himself. Finally, a members-only three course meal will end the year at a special location. This membership is limited, so don’t hesitate.

Haunting sat down with Matt Dorado, founder of The Drunken Devil to answer some of our questions on this new rebranding, the Sinner’s Social Club, and his inspiration for it all.


The Drunken Devil Brand

Dorado tells us that Drunken Devil started with the tagline, “Give into the Mischief.” “I wanted to create a brand that not only allowed but encouraged guests to acknowledge their quirks and vices and give in to them.” These parties are about freedom and expression. If it’s not causing harm to oneself or another, it is accepted at a Drunken Devil event. “Our parties are essentially safe and spooky spaces that allow guests to let loose, dress up, unleash their inner freak, drink to their hearts’ content, and experience something that one may not necessarily be able to get anywhere else.” Hedonism is the underlying motif at a Drunken Devil event.

With that brand message, it’s easy to see why the Drunken Devil is the face to their brand. When Dorado developed this character, he had the idea “that the Drunken Devil has collected several followers who gave into this mischief over the years.” He wanted to incorporate these characters into his events over the years. These would be diverse characters with rich backstories—who all sold their souls to the Devil for selfish wants and desires. Thus, Dorado explains that the brand goes far beyond just raucous parties—“there’s a deep narrative below the surface, but it will take time to fully explore it.”


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Sinner’s Social Club

As we teased in the introduction of this article, one of the new features, The Drunken Devil is implementing is an exclusive membership option: The Sinner’s Social Club. It’s open to only fifty people and will sell out quickly. You don’t want to miss out on this. Dorado explains what all guests can expect from this social club: “Membership includes one ticket to each of the next public Drunken Devil events—on Saturday July 8 and Saturday October 21. It will also include “Members’ Hour”, which will be one hour before each party, where guests will get craft cocktails, small bites, and immersive elements that all tie into the theme of the main event. There will also be special entertainment that only members will get—including burlesque shows and performance art. Members, if they choose to, can enter their address and will receive special correspondence from the Drunken Devil throughout the year.

In addition, members will be invited to a Members Only dinner on Saturday, December 9, which will be at a secret location in Los Angeles. The dinner will be a three-course meal, unlimited craft cocktails and wine pairings, and unique immersive entertainment and cabaret-type performances that will be accessible only to those who are a part of the inner circle. I’ve already found a few locations for the dinner and I can say now, it’s going to be a blast.”

With two parties, a Members Only dinner, and multiple exclusives, this membership seems like it would be cost prohibitive. But Dorado has done everything to make this as affordable as possible. He even made the payments in two separate installments so people can pay it off over time. “When people sign up, they have the option to purchase the membership in two installments: $100 upon signup and then $150 before July 1, or in one full payment of $250.” Membership tickets will be available on April 30th—join their mailing list or our Slack forum to be the first to know.


Tying an Entire Experience Together

“While I love the party format that we have now, I wanted to elevate the experience by adding something more.”  Before each party, Sinner’s Social Club members may receive a special keepsakes in the mail: hard copy invites and objects that relate to the themes and narratives of the party. This could range from newspaper clippings to haunted totems. This is lead up is key to Dorado. “Once guests arrive at the Members’ Hour, their lead up gifts will fit in perfectly. Everything will be thematically tied together: the food and cocktails will be authentic and tie into the narrative, the entertainment—which could be burlesque, could be performance art, could be magic, or more—will be themed, and there will be old and new characters that Club members can interact with.” This sounds to be more immersive and personal than anything they’ve previously completed.





The Devil’s Influence

The Drunken Devil isn’t the only character the Dorado has envisioned for these events. As teased above, there are many more who have sold their souls for desires they lust after. Dorado explains, “I wanted to have a whole web of characters that shared a drink with the Devil; eventually, each of these characters would have their own haunted houses, and the Devil’s influence would be apparent through each attraction.” Each event would have its own theme, tone, and atmosphere—but all be connected under the larger umbrella of the Devil. This allows Dorado the freedom to create different narratives within his experiences. “I plan on rolling them out slowly over the next few years at these parties. They may be present at the parties, or they may be mentioned in the narrative. But as we grow as a company, and start integrating haunted attractions again, everything will come full circle and these characters will become more commonly part of the Drunken Devil experience.”


Damian Bloodworth: Champagne and Cocaine

For fans of Dorado, they may recognize one such character from his first haunted attraction he created back in Santa Barbara. The Nightmare House immersed guests into the mind of a serial killer named Damian Bloodworth, who was raised in a dangerous cult. Dorado admits, “The character of Damian was always one that fascinated me when I wrote him. In the original storyline, he was a backwoods deranged psychopath, but I am reworking his narrative to turn him into a Los Angeles socialite who leads this double life as a cult leader.  So, when I introduce him (which may be soon), the party will likely be an elegant affair with a disturbing, underlying narrative.” Drunken Devil excels at throwing a party with a deeper undertone. We look forward to this one.





The Future of The Drunken Devil

While The Drunken Devil is currently focused on their two main events and Members Only Dinner currently, they do have their eyes on the future. “I have ideas for 2018, and I’m looking at 2019 to bring back a haunted attraction to replace the October party. But for now, I want to make 2017 the year that Drunken Devil makes a huge statement with its content.” This will be a company to keep an eye on as they continue to evolve and grow!



The Drunken Devil is expanding their brand. Incorporating hand-crafted drinks, small bites, and intimate encounters, they are offering a holistic approach to immersive festivities. Their new exclusive membership provides guests a more intimate experience with a deeper look into The Drunken Devil mythos—as well as a Members Only three course dinner. Join the membership and be a part of a community who will live this experience for the next year. Purchase yours on April 30th; you don’t want to miss out on this.


Follow The Drunken Devil or sign up for their mailing list for updates on upcoming events and the Sinner’s Social Club.

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