Illusions of Horror – Madame Tussauds Dares Guests to take a Killer Selfie

Delight in the delusion; indulge in the deception; Madame Tussauds Hollywood dares guests to die for the perfect selfie.   The "selfie museum" concept has been popularized in the last year with pop-ups like Candytopia, the Museum of Ice Cream, the Museum of Selfies, and, more recently, The Pizza Experience which offer guests the opportunity [...]

The Growth of Immersive Theater in Los Angeles – Genesis, Data, & Trends

While immersive theater has its roots dating back decades, modern immersive theater took root in Los Angeles in the early 2010’s and has exponentially grown since.  Listed by LATimes, the arts buzzword of 2016 was “immersive”. Companies began to form, begetting new companies as prior work inspired new artists. For those of us who’ve been […]

Captivated – An Interview with Erik Blair & Thea Rivera of They Played Productions

Below is an interview with Erik Blair and Thea Rivera of They Played Productions regarding their episodic immersive experience, Captivated. Huge thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming this excellent interview and Jon Kobryn for his careful editing!    One of the more delightful immersive offerings from 2018 was Captivated: Act One - Justine From They [...]

The Surprising Humanity Found in the Darkest Places – An Exclusive Interview with the Creative Minds Behind Theatre Macabre

The Experiences is arguably the most immersive production company on the market today. Redefining the alternate reality experience genre, both The Tension Experience and The Lust Experience led audiences on a multi-month journey that culminated in an event that pushed the boundaries of immersive entertainment. When the team behind these exploits announced they will be […]

Horrorworld – Interview with Larry Bones Offers Insight into a Haunt Paradise

Below is an interview with Larry Bones, creator of Horrorworld and Into the Black, at Midsummer Scream 2018. Huge thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming this excellent video and Jon Kobryn for his editing skills!      Into the Black was an insanely ambitious project, with a haunted attraction, a virtual reality experience, a short [...]

An Interview with Delusion’s Jon Braver – Lies Within VR & The Blue Blade

Below is an interview with Delusion's Jon Braver regarding the new Lies Within Virtual Reality series and their upcoming immersive experience, The Blue Blade. Special thanks to Kevin Hsu for filming this interview, Jon Kobryn for editing, and for Jon Braver for taking the time to talk with us.    Delusion represents a pinnacle of [...]

Horror Made Here – An Interview with Danny Kahn – Warner Bros Invites Guests into IT, The Conjuring, & More

Filming for Warner Bros' Horror Made Here was done by Kevin Hsu, and editing was done by Jonathan Kobryn.    This Halloween, Warner Bros seeks to differentiate themselves from the competition by immersing audiences within their top franchises. Removing the conga lines that have plagued other large attractions, and instead, focusing on more intimate scares, [...]
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