Inland Empire Yard Haunt Displays, Halloween Yard Displays Inland Empire IE Haunting Pirates of Cindy Court Corona CA

Inland Empire Yard Haunt Displays – A Tour of Ontario, Corona & More During Halloween

Thank you to Chelsea Cook and Taylor Winters for their contributions in writing or photography to our Inland Empire Yard Haunt Displays article.

If you’re looking for a fun and family friendly way to round out your Halloween in the Inland Empire, consider adding a Inland Empire Yard Haunt Displays crawl to your agenda. These passionate yard displays are sure to delight, and it can be a fun way to spend some time together as you drive from house to house. A bit like trick or treating for art, scares, and shows, an Inland Empire Yard Haunt Displays crawl will allow you to support local creator while seeing a variety of fun themes played out across the city.

Beaux's Bog

Inland Empire Yard Haunt Displays, Halloween Yard Displays Inland Empire IE Haunting Beaux's Bog Redlands

Beaux’s Bog offers a free home haunt walkthrough, but with a short window of operation (only on Halloween), we were unable to experience it. However, despite missing the walkthrough, the yard display is a beautiful swamp themed bog, featuring a grave-keeper and a large werewolf under a full moon. Numerous gravestones wrap around the front of the home, and the grave-keeper speaks to those willing to get close. Various pumpkins and skeletons can be seen in the graveyard, and a decrepit outhouse hides in the background as various glowing-eyes skeletons fish in the fog. There’s a lot of wonderful details here and an easy one to add to any Inland Empire haunt crawl.

Greenewitch Cemetery

Inland Empire Yard Haunt Displays, Halloween Yard Displays Inland Empire IE Haunting Greenewitch Cemetery Ontario CA

Greenwitch Cemetery is easily one of our favorites on the list and is absolutely gorgeous. A large archway shows off twenty-three Jack O’ Lanterns, each with a distinct smile and face, that invites visitors to take a closer look at the cemetery inside. But unlike the other cemeteries on this list and like the name suggests, this cemetery is home to not just one but two witches. While one witch, reminiscent of the witch from Snow White, stirs her cauldron silently, a second projected witch conducts a spell for audiences to watch. She’s seeking eternal youth and beauty—but will she succeed?

Another stand-out of this display are the gorgeous tombstones littered around the cemetery. While other cemeteries use names of actors or fictional characters, this cemetery pays homage to some of the special effect greats. From Dick Smith (make up on The Exorcist) to Jack Pierce (make-up on Boris Karloff in Frankenstein) to Ray Harryhausen (creator of Dynamation—stop motion model animation), there are plenty of Easter eggs for any horror fan to find!

207 Plaza Serena

Inland Empire Yard Haunt Displays, Halloween Yard Displays Inland Empire IE Haunting 207 E Plaza Serena Ontario CA

While we did not see this yard display on any lists, it’s across the street and down a few houses from Greenwitch and easy to capture. It’s simple in its theming and décor but impressive in what design it does have. An arched gravestone holds a spirit projected into this world; and an audio track tells stories to those willing to listen. But the most eye-catching part of this yard display is a massive thin skeletal being holding a pumpkin. His eyes glow with the pumpkin in his hands, and the fog cloaks this figure, making the glow of this creature a perfect addition to this yard display.

Pirates of Cindy Court

Inland Empire Yard Haunt Displays, Halloween Yard Displays Inland Empire IE Haunting Pirates of Cindy Court Corona CA

The Pirates of Cindy Court is easily one of the most impressive yard display we saw during our massive 2020 haunt crawl and sits among Rotten Apple as one of the all time best. As the name suggests, it’s pirate themed, and as you walk through this experience (yes, it’s an experience), it feels akin to going through Pirates of the Caribbean the ride at Disneyland. The experience starts as you pass by a small wooden shack as the iconic crickets’ chirp and banjos play. Any Disneyland fan will be immediately transported to the ride and I swear you can smell the bromine used in the water.

As you walk along the suggested path (arrows direct you), you will be surrounded on both sides by pirates and homages to the ride. A massive sea battle rages to your left. Red lights and fog showcase the canons going off as ships are pulled under the turbulent seas by massive tentacles. Skeletal pirates and monkeys attempt to sneak past the battle, as skeletal mermaids watch perched atop a massive stone.

Going deeper, a band of merry skeletons play iconic themes for you. These skeletal pirates are lit to perfection, sitting atop large chests of bullion and treasure and are dressed in their best pirate attire. On a small strip of grass to the other side of the sidewalk, a skeletal dog reaches up to a parrot holding keys. A clear reference to the ride again, the yearns for the keys that will help his friend trapped in a cage nearby.

But that’s not the end. A rickety bridge invites audiences deeper inside. Cross the blue ocean and you’ll come to a table lined in various rum bottles, with a massive pirate map backing. A pirate who drank a bit too much spews a neon green liquid into a barrel in a never-ending loop. Lastly, a enter-if-ye-dare sign invites guests to approach the front door. Numerous spikes hang down from the ceiling, some already holding a skeletal head of those who did not make it. We can only imagine the fun kids might have trick or treating at this home. It’s such a fun tribute to pirates and a must see for any haunt fan.


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