Beauty from Bullets: A Recollection of Nocturnal Fandango’s “Ammunition”

Below is a Recollection–this is not a review, but rather a full spoiler walkthrough of the author’s experience in Nocturnal Fandango’s Ammunition in July of 2018. As this event will not occur again, do not worry about reading spoilers.   Less than twenty-four hours ago, I was in a freezing hotel room, trying to rest […]

Sudden Loneliness Gift – Water and Fire Explores Our Connection to Trauma

Trauma isn’t gentle. Trauma shakes people up, degrades them, shatters their life, makes them feel worthless, and departs suddenly without providing any closure. It can result in the laughter of a child no longer heard, an empty bed, or a hallway of nothing but old memories contained in photographs. When trauma strikes, the world becomes […]

The Sudden Loneliness Gift Explores the Subconscious in Therapy & Dreams

Therapy and Dreams. Therapy. Dreams. Two separate experiences though not necessarily dissimilar. Some people may try to glean insights about themselves from one, some from both, some from neither. Nocturnal Fandango’s first fully realized event of The Sudden Loneliness Gift offered participants the chance to dive into both in seamless succession.   Breathe in the […]

The Sudden Loneliness Gift – Tiered Membership on Sale

Have You Seen Jake redefined the emotional experience when it concluded last March. Nocturnal Fandango, the non-profit company behind this masterpiece, are wasting no time before jumping head first into their next ambitious project. Entitled The Sudden Loneliness Gift, this experience appears to be focused on the meta-narrative, specifically two members of the creative team: […]

Have You Seen Jake – Redefining an Emotional Response

Jake went missing in September. When you combine trauma and grief, sometimes it’s easier to forget than remember what happened. For seven months, Jake’s friends searched for him. Together with our guide, Blue, we’ve opened ourselves up to an emotional therapy session, we’ve dreamt of both trauma and hope, we’ve braved Jake’s abusive parents on […]

Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow – A Recollection of My Friend, Jake – Have You Seen Jake?

Have You Seen Jake? Below is a Recollection–this is not a review, but rather a walkthrough of the author’s experience in Nocturnal Fandango’s third fully realized event in the Have You Seen Jake trilogy: Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow. As this experience was extremely personalized, this is only the author’s experience, and other experiences should be […]

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