Haunting 2023 Halloween Guide 2023 Halloween Reviews

Haunting’s 2023 Halloween Reviews

As the spirits return to their graves and the glowing smile on the Jack O Lantern dims, our Halloween Haunt Guide comes to a close with fewer and fewer events. But we don't want to keep up an empty guide throughout the year--rather, we want to showcase the wonderful haunted houses, conventions, immersive horror experiences, [...]
Meyer2Meyer - Haunted Soiree - Theatre Du Vaurien - Dinner and Drinks - Immersive Horror - Los Angeles

Haunted Soiree Combines Deep Lore, Monstrous Creatures, and Immersive Elements This Halloween

The Haunted Soiree: A Macabre Cocktail Party was previously known as House of Spirits: A Haunted Cocktail Soiree—and it was one of our favorite events during the Halloween season. The experience runs two-hours and is sandbox in style, meaning guests have free roam over the entirety of an atmospheric theater, finding monstrous scavenger hunts, demonic [...]
STAG Eternal 2023 Immersive Horror Extreme Haunt Michigan

STAG Eternal 2023 – A Recollection from Sam Giacinto

Weeks of anticipation led up to the defining moment that cannot be described, it needs to be experienced. I am about to attend STAG Eternal. February 10, 2023: The day that changes everything. I make the seven-hour drive from Green Bay Wisconsin to Bay City Michigan to experience STAG Eternal. I have my instructions that [...]
Delusion: Valley of Hollows - Immersive Horror - Pomona - CA - 2

Delusion Returns To LA This Sept with Valley of Hollows

Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group, the producers of world-class live events and location-based entertainment experiences, today announced the highly anticipated return of one of LA’s most popular interactive events, Delusion. Officially open to the public on Thursday, September 15th, Thirteenth Floor and Director Jon Braver will once again bring his one-of-a-kind interactive horror theater series to [...]
Little Cinema - Welcome to the Blumhouse Live - Remote Experience - Immersive Horror - Blumhouse

Little Cinema’s Welcome To The Blumhouse Live Opens Its Doors for a Second Time

Renowned hypnotherapist Dr. Seward's voice echoes through the infinitely long room, “Repeat after me, ‘Unless instructed otherwise, I will form perfect memories of recent events.’” The darkness in the corners of the room fades from the rolling sheets of mist. Suddenly, walking outside, odd street signs appear - “Suspicious When Wet… No Right Answers.” Lost [...]
Halloween Kills - JFI Productions - Immersive Horror - Universal Studios - Haddonfield Kills: The Hunt for Michael Myers

Haddonfield Kills: The Hunt for Michael Invited Us to Join a Mob This Halloween

Below is our review of Haddonfield Kills: The Hunt for Michael, an immersive activation produced by JFI Productions on the Universal Studios backlot. While the experience has now concluded, we have included minor spoilers below to showcase the experience as well as JFI's prowess. Further, all pictures below were taken by Jeremey Connors--please check out [...]

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