White Helix

White Helix is an ARG/ongoing immersive experience that first appeared online (in the form of an Instagram account under the name _whitehelix) in early 2017. It is tonally influenced by suspense/horror and is themed heavily around information, technology, and exploitation of sensitive data. Social media, cellphones, and computers feature prominently in the story, which appears to have a narrative centered around a software program that is used for gathering sensitive information for blackmail purposes. It is produced by Spektra Pulse.

  • White Helix
  • Area unclear, but individual interactions thus far have been in Los Angeles
  • Narrative primarily explored through technology: social media, text messages, etc.
  • Thematically centered around blackmail, exploitation, the fragmentation of online identity, ethics, and accountability
  • Highly personalized: interactions with characters, use of participants’ social media accounts
  • Rewards participation and involvement, relatively inaccessible to casual participants and newcomers

There is currently no online presence for the company behind this experience, Spektra Pulse, but a collective hub of activity in the narrative appears to be found in their Instagram account.

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More on White Helix

As of now (March 2019) very little is known about White Helix. While Spektra Pulse has been identified as the company behind it, we know very little behind this company, and there is virtually no online presence, save for the social media accounts that are “in game”.

The _whitehelix Instagram account first appeared in early 2017, and quickly began quiet online interactions with certain members of the haunt/immersive/ARG community, such as “likes” on profile photos. After gaining a small handful of followers, _whitehelix made their first post on March 12th at 1:59am: a screenshot of an iPhone text message conversation with the battery life on 1%, from the perspective of the text’s recipient. The contents of the message were a glitchy, distorted picture of a face and the words “I need you to text me”. At the top of the screen, there was an unblocked phone number.

Upon texting the number, participants were eventually introduced to a character named Samantha, who revealed that the _whitehelix account belonged to someone or something that was attempting to blackmail her. From there, the story has gotten progressively more complex, introducing participants to new characters that are also targeted for blackmail, and reaching out to participants personally, inviting them to participate in a variety of unique in-person tasks and interactions.

As of now, White Helix is still largely shrouded in mystery, but it has developed a small, devoted cult following with whom it actively and consistently engages. Of the ongoing immersions and ARGs out there right now, it is perhaps one of the most exclusive, confounding, and promising. And with its first post having been made only 3 months ago at the time of this writing, it seems it’s only just begun.



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