Overlook Film Festival

The Overlook Film Festival is a celebration of horror in storytelling. It combines the best in spoken word, immersive experiences, haunted houses, and film to create a Horror Summer Camp that you’ll never want to leave. Combine that with it being held in iconic cities that provided inspiration for Kubrick’s The Shining, and you have the perfect festival.

  • The Overlook Film Festival
  • Year One: Timberline Lodge in Mt. Hood, Oregon
  • Year Two & Three: Bourbon Orleans Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Film Festival with heavy emphasis on Immersive Experiences and Haunts
  • Experiences range from VR to Extreme Haunt to Emotionally Beautiful
  • A Four-Day long Immersive Horror Game runs throughout the Festival
  • Play as much or as little as you want
  • Horror Summer Camp with a fantastic community.

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More on The Overlook Film Festival

The Overlook Film Festival is more than a film festival. It is a festival honoring the best storytellers from around the world. Whether it’s through film, virtual reality, an immersive experience, a radio drama, or the spoken word, The Overlook Film Festival’s strength is in its ability to tell a damn good horror story. Welcome to horror summer camp.

While the location is more than enough to bring out the inner fanboy/fangirl in each of us (occurring in the The Shining’s Timberline Lodge), The Overlook Film Festival is so much more. For a film festival, it is truly wonderful how much emphasis and appreciation Overlook has for immersive entertainment. Bottleneck Immersive hosted a four-day long immersive horror experience that occupied the majority of time for players willing to fully immerse themselves in the world. A strong community formed to solve puzzles, interact with characters that fleshed out the narrative, and solve a series of murders that tied back to a massacre from twenty years back. For those who don’t want to spend the whole festival tracking down a killer, Dark Corner let players choose whether to be cremated or buried in their death-defying VR experience, Mule. Forerunners of immersive entertainment, Josh Randall and Kristjan Thor, challenged guests to face true fear in Blackout. Annie Lesser of ABC Project left patrons emotionally raw in The Overlook’s rendition of A(partment 8), entitled The Chalet. Clay McLeod Chapman led people into the dark corners of the lodge for intimate retellings of his famous The Pumpkin Pie Show stories, which included silly voices, intense moments, and extremely animated movements. And, Tales from Beyond the Pale wrote a live radio play specifically tailored to this unique location.

This film festival deserves your attention because it cares about storytelling in all mediums. It also cares about its community. So when Overlook Film Festival happens again, make sure you book a room and prepare for some damn good stories.



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