Immersive Horror Panel – Stage & Scream – Midsummer Scream

Below is full recording of the "Stage and Scream: Immersive Horror Theater” Panel at Midsummer Scream. Guests include Landon Zakheim of The Overlook Film Festival, Anna Mavromati of Shine On Collective, Jonathan Josephson of Unbound Productions (Wicked Lit), and Zombie Joe of Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre Group. This is all moderated by Noah Nelson of [...]

Bottleneck Immersive – Immersive Horror Game Succeeds at The Overlook Film Fest

Immersive Horror Game at The Overlook Film Festival “Three bodies. Multiple murder tactics. Likely connected, possibly not. No leads. He’s taking pieces of the bodies. He’s taking them… for something. Jay thinks it’s ornaments or trophies, something like Dahmer. I think it’s something else. Something… primal. Whatever it is, it’s specific. You don’t remove the […]

Dark Corner – Pioneers of Horror Virtual Reality – Mule, Catatonic, & More

The Overlook Film Festival held many immersive experiences in the dark recesses of the Timberline Lodge. One such gem was Mule, a virtual reality experience that follows the emotional last moments of a man’s life. Haunting had the honor of experiencing Mule, speaking to Dark Corner, and reflecting on previous Dark Corner VR experiences.    […]

The Overlook Film Festival – Making Immersive Work Panel

From the intimate to the extreme, immersive experiences can range in style, tone, and inspiration. With a festival-long immersive horror game starting before you even arrive at the Timberline Lodge (Bottleneck Immersive) and intimate individual shows by both ABC Project and Blackout, The Overlook Film Festival was not shy at proclaiming its love for immersive […]

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