Obscura Horror

Obscura Horror is an extreme haunt out of Tulsa, Oklahoma that pushes participants to face their deepest fears and overcome them.

  • Obscura Horror
  • Tulsa, Oklahoma + Online ARX
  • Extreme haunted house
  • Full physical contact & deepest fears
  • Teaming up with an LA-Based Extreme Haunt
  • Puzzles and ciphers to reveal information
  • Heavy personalization and high interactivity
  • Strong voice and realistic, non-fiction themes
  • Cults, drugs, and ritualistic killings featured

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More on Obscura Horror

Obscura Horror removes the fiction from the extreme haunt. Providing ciphers, clues, and puzzles–they all lead to real newspaper articles detailing the brutal and visceral horrors occurring in rural Oklahoma. Whether it’s ritualistic killings, drug-related executions, or a Satanic cult–it’s your story. The experiences have been extremely personal, relating to your own personal fears, with tasks being delivered that involves facing them–and forcing others to make you face them.

The creator of this experience describes this experience as “a sort of sand box to allow participants to create an interpretation and make choices within.  We hope to create self reflection, knowledge in new areas, a unique way of telling a narrative, and to elicit our audience to feel.  We want each person to have a slightly unique narrative and experience.”

The main ticketed event will pair Obscura Horror with a well known, experienced, and safe LA-based extreme haunt. This provides a wonderful start for Obscura as they can focus on the ARX / On-Going Immersive aspect of this event and develop a strong narrative while the LA-based haunt can leverage their strength in physical brutality.  Expect this experience to be one people will travel out to because it’s been incredibly rewarding thus far.



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