The Elk Owl Society

The Elk-Owl Society offers intimate, surrealist dining experiences with lavish food, sensual environments, entertaining games, and social interactions–all while blindfolded, silenced, or with the instruction to eat without feeding yourself.

  • Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York shows
  • 10-14 people per dinner
  • A night of ritual, history, alchemy, words, and sensuality
  • A dinner of contrasting foods meant to delight and surprise
  • Light contact for games and guidance
  • Blindfolds or silencing is employed per given theme
  • 21+ event

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More on The Elk Owl Society

The Elk-Owl Society is a very old institution. As the Blind Owl explains: it was founded in 1902 in Poland by a boring moneylender with boring friends. One day he read an article in the newspaper about the Free Masons and was excited and inspired. So he founded his own secret society and started hosting underground soirees for members of the high society of his time. Extravagant dress code was strictly enforced and food and ritual were central to the experience.

When the Blind Owl, the 24th Grand Meister, found out about this history, he resurrected The Elk-Owl Society with the simple goal of enjoying as much as we can, the cosmic jiggle of existence, indulge our senses and encourage people’s creativity and self expression.

Lights Out is one of their signature encounters: 14 blindfolded guests, that haven’t seen each other before coming in, experience a 4 hour sensorial experience designed for the rest of the senses, with incredible food that they are fed, a lavish and sensual environment, games and social interactions. The food is designed not only to be delicious but also to be a surprise. Contrasts…. strange flavors… different temperatures… they use all the tools in their hands to make your mouth melt and melt over and over again until you ask for more.



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