Savage House

Savage House is San Diego’s only themed haunted attraction. Immerse yourself in a narrative fit for a horror film.

  • Savage House
  • San Diego Area
  • Group Experience
  • No Contact; Jump Scares; Loud Noises
  • Room for interactivity with Actors
  • Horror Themes

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More about Savage House

Savage House, produced by Savage Productions, creates a narrative-driven haunted house in the parking lot of the Westfield Mission Valley Target parking lot. Furthermore, this haunted house offers a 2,000 square foot horror museum, completely with full life-sized characters from movies such as The Strangers, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Saw, The Purge, and many more. They also added a 400 square foot The Walking Dead inspired display with replica props from the show and a 400 square foot Saw inspired display with Billy and many traps used in the movies. Finally, Savage Productions has a gift shop on site to purchase many horror movie displays and autographed memorabilia.

Selected Previous Shows:

Infection: As an unknown infection sweeps the nation, one company pushes forward in an attempt to find an answer, to contain and stop the spread, and to try and find a cure. S.P. Industries is a government funded laboratory and research facility. It is a fully self-contained installation that includes a surgical unit, laboratory, pharmacy, an observation room, containment facilities for the infected, and a decontamination chamber to insure the safety of the public sector. In an effort to bring awareness to their efforts, as well as gain the publics support, S.P. Industries has agreed to open its doors and conduct tours of their facility. However, due to a technical glitch, the buildings safety grid has become unstable and some systems are beginning to fail, so visitors should be forewarned, they are touring the facility at their own risk.



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