Fears Gate

Fears Gate Since 2009, Fears Gate has been providing guests with an abundance of screams and haunting attractions to torment the brave all throughout October. This haunted house offers dark tours, lights-on tours, and coffin rides! Located in Simi Valley, CA Terrorizes all of the senses through creative usage of sights, smells, and sounds Offers [...]

Phobia Productions

PHOBIA PRODUCTIONS Phobia Productions is a small haunting organization that creates haunted attractions for a wide variety of uses. Primarily a charity organization, the Phobia crew has dedicated themselves to the pursuit of “caring through scaring.” No set location, offers haunted attractions for parties and conventions Walkthrough haunted mazes with jump scares No intentional touch from [...]

The Bloodshed Brothers

THE BLOODSHED BROTHERS The Bloodshed Brothers have been staples of the Inland Empire haunted attraction community for years, having previously taken up residence in Lake Elsinore’s Storm Stadium for the Halloween season’s Field of Screams event. Now calling Perris home for the haunt season, the Temecula-based twin brothers have primarily served up traditional haunted walkthrough [...]

Rizo Scarehouse

RIZO SCAREHOUSE Rizo Scarehouse is a classic haunted walkthrough attraction in every sense of the word; the scares are effective yet gentle, as the proprietors pride themselves on being able to cater to a variety of audiences, from younger kids brand new to haunts to grizzled older veterans. Rizo Scarehouse also typically features tertiary entertainment [...]

The Fleshyard

THE FLESHYARD The Fleshyard is family-owned haunted attraction based in Anaheim, California. Taking its inspiration from gory slasher films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills Have Eyes, The Fleshyard is a tour through a grotesque farmhouse with a disturbing and violent past. Located at at the corner of La Palma and Imperial in Anaheim, [...]

Coffin Creek

COFFIN CREEK Coffin Creek is one of the best kept secrets of the Inland Empire. Occupying Crossroads Riverview Park in Corona, Coffin Creek is heavy on the kind of atmosphere that only a locale like Crossroads can provide. There aren’t many roaming scareactors, because they’re all confined to their respective nooks, providing fantastic and genuinely [...]

All Saints Lunatic Asylum

ALL SAINTS LUNATIC ASYLUM All Saints Lunatic Asylum is a traditional walkthrough haunted house in Apple Valley, CA. A family owned business that began as a home haunt, the Asylum now welcomes hundreds of guests during the Halloween season as well as a few special themed events throughout the rest of the year. Located in [...]

Castle Dark

CASTLE DARK Castle Dark is one of the more consistently fun haunt offerings in southern California, an institution for over a decade. In between rides and rounds of miniature golf, guests can walk through various mazes that include well-timed jump scares, but little gore and no physical contact. Riverside, CA Small amusement park with haunted [...]

Ghost Train

GHOST TRAIN The Ghost Train is the perfect family friendly haunt, operating on a Disney-level of scares, as audiences ride passively along a double loop track to view over 30 gorgeous Halloween scenes. Los Angeles in Griffith Park Audience rides on a 1/8th scale train through multiple haunt displays Disney-esque spooky themes, but not scary [...]

Into The Black

INTO THE BLACK Into The Black is an ambitious experience from Larry Bones, of Bone Yard Effects, spanning a movie, a virtual reality experience, a haunt, and a documentary about putting it all together. Into The Black Los Angeles area Individual experience Fear and dread without physical contact Four part experience consisting of a movie, VR experience, [...]
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