Ghost Train

Ghost Train The Ghost Train is the perfect family friendly haunt, operating on a Disney-level of scares, as audiences ride passively along a double loop track to view over 30 gorgeous Halloween scenes. Los Angeles in Griffith Park Audience rides on a 1/8th scale train through multiple haunt displays Disney-esque spooky themes, but not scary [...]

Into The Black

Into The Black Into The Black is an ambitious experience from Larry Bones, of Bone Yard Effects, spanning a movie, a virtual reality experience, a haunt, and a documentary about putting it all together. Into The Black Los Angeles area Individual experience Fear and dread without physical contact Four part experience consisting of a movie, VR experience, [...]

Field of Screams

Field of Screams transforms a stadium into a haunted house with five mazes and a ride that mimics being trapped alive inside a coffin.

Reign of Terror

Reign of Terror is a haunted attraction where all eight themes are connected–as you exit one attraction, you immediately enter the next. Each maze is designed to target a different part of your deepest fears.

Savage House

Savage House is San Diego’s only themed haunted attraction. Immerse yourself in a narrative fit for a horror film.

The 17th Door

The 17th Door is an Orange County based Haunted House that relies heavily on creative yet grotesque scenes and shock value. They take pride in getting people to use the safe word.

Sinister Pointe

Sinister Pointe Sinister Pointe is a creatively entertaining haunted attraction offering multiple events throughout the year. These range from game nights, haunted attractions, movie nights, scavenger hunts, and seances. Sinister Pointe Orange County Area Group Experiences with Rare Individual Sections Minor Contact; Minimal Gore; Creative Jump Scares Halloween Haunted Attraction/Naughty Christmas Events Innovative Off-Season Events: Scavenger Hunts, [...]


Gorlesque Gorlesque mixes all the creeps of a haunted house and all the titillation of a burlesque show to generate a one-of-a-kind experience for those that like a little sex with their scares. Gorlesque Los Angeles Area Group Experience with Minor Contact Minimal Gore & No Nudity Lap Dances; Burlesque Dancing Immersive & playful with interactivity [...]

Freakling Bros: Trilogy of Terror

Freakling Bros: Trilogy of Terror is a series of three Las Vegas Haunted Attractions that range in extremity from magical & nostalgic to intense & shocking. These haunts will run the gambit of emotion, awakening a childlike sense of wonder in you and then pushing you to an extreme. It is well worth a trip to Vegas to experience these.

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