BL4KM4SS BL4KM4SS is a Los Angeles-based company producing immersive horror experiences across the country. They are flexible in date and location, providing experiences to those wanting something more than your traditional haunted house. Los Angeles Area Solo and group experiences Full physical contact with strong imagery and aggression Continuing narrative spanning experiences Experiences have 1-2 [...]

Castle of Chaos

CASTLE OF CHAOS Castle of Chaos offers periodic overnight extreme haunts in the Salt Lake City area. Castle of Chaos tests the endurance of their participants both psychologically and physically - with some twists. Salt Lake City, Utah area Group shows, though most interactions are solo Must be 18 or older Full contact, restraints, temperature [...]

Quietus Horror

QUIETUS HORROR Quietus Horror is a horror experience based in Belgium that uses psychological and extreme elements to immerse participants into its narrative. Belgium-based extreme haunt Solo experiences with possible interaction with other guests Narrative-driven with audience participation Full-contact, suffocation, aggression, liquids, adult themes Short runs (1-2 nights) For information on any upcoming events, please [...]

La Casa de Satanas

LA CASA DE SATANAS La Casa de Satanas, one of Chicago’s most extreme attractions, brings a gritty energy to the Midwestern haunt scene. Chicago & New York experiences Solo and group shows Must be 18 or older Full contact, nudity, restraint, sexual situations Very limited runs: only open a few nights per year Safe word [...]


Hurting is a Los Angeles-based immersive production team that engages audience through satirical & horror lenses while providing exclusive, personalized, and aggressive stories and experiences.

Scarehouse: Basement

SCAREHOUSE: BASEMENT Scarehouse: Basement is a semi-extreme attraction in Pittsburgh, PA affiliated with Scarehouse, Pittsburgh’s premier haunt. Scarehouse: Basement 118 Locust Street, Etna, PA 15223 Enter alone or in pairs Must be 18 years old for this “R-rated experience” Moderate physicality, sexual content, strong scents Emphasis on story and theme Safe word provided 0Scarehouse: Basement [...]

Shock Theater

SHOCK THEATER Shock Theater is small company out of Long Island, New York that puts on intimate Extreme Haunt shows. Groups of 2 or 3 find themselves put into normal situations where things quickly go wrong. Long Island, New York Small group shows Aggressive Contact Narratively-driven with evocative themes Full physical contact; nudity; blood; electricity Psychological, [...]


MIASMA Miasma is an extreme haunt out of Chicago that uses heavy story elements combined with full contact to provoke reactions from the audience. Chicago Area Solo experiences Narrative-driven experience with strong acting Extreme haunt with horror elements Full physical contact; nudity; blood; electricity Psychological, intense, and graphic Short Runs (usually only one night) 18+ event For information on [...]

Faceless Ventures

FACELESS VENTURES Faceless Ventures is the production team behind Cracked, Fraternity and Diary of a Deceased. Their home base is in the United Kingdom but they brought their extreme show "Cracked" to the US in 2018 pairing up with Heretic Haunted House for their event. United Kingdom Extreme and Non-Extreme immersive shows Cracked can include [...]

Santu Deliria

SANTU DELIRIA Santu Deliria is an immersive theater company specializing in intense, full-contact horror experiences. Santu Deliria 18+ Only Los Angeles Area Surreal, intense horror experiences Sexual Themes & Nudity Full contact Extremely secretive and mysterious. Minimal information given in advance of shows re: theme, plot, or expectation Excellent introduction to "extreme haunts" For information on [...]
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