Disco Dining Club

DISCO DINING CLUB Disco Dining Club crafts aesthetically stunning event spectacles that begin with themed drinks and a decadent multi-course meal and then devolve into a dance party complete with additional libations. Los Angeles Based Elaborate set designs with gorgeous aesthetics Guests encouraged to dress with flair Themed menu with paired cocktails Lavish locations that [...]

The Elk-Owl Society

THE ELK-OWL SOCIETY The Elk-Owl Society offers intimate, surrealist dining experiences with lavish food, sensual environments, entertaining games, and social interactions--all while blindfolded, silenced, or with the instruction to eat without feeding yourself. Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York shows 10-14 people per dinner A night of ritual, history, alchemy, words, and sensuality A [...]

Horror Escapes LA (HELA) Productions

HORROR ESCAPES LA (HELA) Horror Escapes LA (HELA) is a multifaceted immersive production company on the rise that specializes in crafting an engrossing atmosphere and compelling narrative no matter what variety of immersion they choose to operate in. Los Angeles Area Group experiences (In some cases Escape Rooms) Tone and structure varies from project to [...]

Infinitely Dinner Society

INFINITELY DINNER SOCIETY Infinitely Dinner Society is an immersive experience focused on food, art, and the infinite. Infinitely Dinner Society Los Angeles Area Short individual shows and small group dinners No contact; Some immersive elements Offers food and experiences to feed the body and mind Created by immersive vets looking to offer something new without old [...]

Drunken Devil

Drunken Devil is an Los Angeles-based experience company that produces thematic and theatrical parties and events, all with a distinct horror edge.

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