Obscura Horror

Obscura Horror is an extreme haunt out of Tulsa, Oklahoma that pushes participants to face their deepest fears and overcome them.

The Midnight Commission

The Midnight Commission The Midnight Commission was revealed to be part of The Lust Experience, specifically The Resistance that opposes the OSDM. The Midnight Commission Los Angeles Area Part of the The Lust Experience Online Slack Forum and Instagram that held one in-person event Eerie tone with distorted and robotic voices Rewards players willing to [...]

The Boanthropic / The Society

The Boanthropic & The Society The Boanthropic and The Society is a singular on-going immersive experience centered around The Society, a cult that values oneness and ecstasy, and The Boanthropic, a resistance that is trying to work against The Society from the inside. But the truth is grey and who is right and who is [...]

White Helix

White Helix is an ARG/ongoing immersive experience that first appeared online in the form of an Instagram account in early 2017.

Overlook Film Festival

Overlook Film Festival The Overlook Film Festival is a celebration of horror in storytelling. It combines the best in spoken word, immersive experiences, haunted houses, and film to create a Horror Summer Camp that you'll never want to leave. Combine that with it being held in The Timberline Lodge, which provided the framing shots for [...]

The Speakeasy Society

The Speakeasy Society is an LA based immersive entertainment company creating intimate and epic experiences in unexpected places. The Speakeasy Society creates full worlds that provide an escape through total engagement and immersion, crafting a shared experience where audience interaction becomes a vital aspect of the performance.

The Lust Experience

The Lust Experience is the upcoming follow-up to 2016’s groundbreaking The Tension Experience. Little is to known about this, other than it is meant to test you and leave you emotionally broken.

The Tension Experience

The Tension Experience created a world that truly made you care about it and the characters that inhabited it. Unraveling over nine months, you interacted with a dangerous institute (cult) in which nothing was as it seems.

Have You Seen Jake?

Have You Seen Jake is an immersive, experiential theatrical project that is highly curated and specifically customized for each participant. The experience evolves based on your level of engagement and the interactions of the rest of the search party. Search party members will be engaged through telephone calls, emails, text messaging, social media, small group in-person interactions, fully realized experiences – and perhaps other means.

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