CreepLA is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience in which groups are invited to explore hidden scenes, intimate encounters, and frightful situations. It is artfully done, and relies more on immersion than horror tropes.

  • CreepLA
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Group Shows with Seldom Individual Sections
  • Minor Contact; No real Physicality
  • Artful and twisted, with a strong improv and narrative focus
  • Creepy enough to stick with you after the show
  • A great introduction to horror immersive theater

CreepLA runs during the Halloween season. Expect a show in 2017.


More on CreepLA

CreepLA was founded by a group of artists and creative directors looking to bring a new experience to LA. With the popularity of interactive experiences, they strive to touch upon all forms of fear and horror both with traditional scare tactics and emotional interactions. Guests will make their way through many dark corridors and rooms encountering many personal interactions, distractions and alarming situations. But remember, where CreepLA shines is that they have always thought that the person behind the mask was always scarier than the actual mask.

Previous shows:

2015: Focusing on situations that would creep you out, this experience featured many short scenes that really got under your skin. Pull up a seat and listen to creeps tell you their stories, observe the introduction to a horror story as two girls try to summon Bloody Mary, and hide inside a box from a deranged killer and watch from a peephole to see the horrors that occur.

2016: In the 1970s, A controversial artist named Erebus Burwyck set out to explore the dark side of humanity and express it through his art. In the process, he unlocked something terrifying. In 1974, Erebus disappeared from public view, spawning a cult-like following in his absence… a following intent on spreading his legacy and sharing what he found in the dark. This experience invites guests to enter the mind of this tormented artist and get lost inside a world of twisted art and intimate terror, and uncover the darkness that CREEPs within us all. A highlight includes a bar atmosphere filled with creeps just waiting to tell you their stories.

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