Santu Productions

Santu Productions  is an immersive theater company specializing in intense, full-contact horror experiences.

  • Santu Productions
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Surreal, intense horror experiences
  • Full contact
  • Extremely secretive and mysterious.
  • Minimal information given in advance of shows re: theme, plot, or expectation
  • Excellent introduction to “extreme haunts”

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More on Santu Deliria

Eminently secretive in their approach to projects, there is currently very little  known about this company. Interviews and press have been extremely sparse, and the identities of the creator(s) has/have yet to be revealed.

Their first show, “Inductio”, premiered on June 2nd, 2017 at Zombie Joe’s Underground Theatre in North Hollywood. Tickets for the event appeared on ZJU’s ticket website in mid-May with no prelude, announcement, or context. Soon after, media outlets in the haunt/immersive community began to run press releases on the mysterious new show, and dates began selling out within weeks. By late May, over half of all available tickets to the show had been sold.

The only information on the company can be gleaned from their official website, which was sparsely designed with a few  concrete details about “Inductio” (dates, address), a contact page, a link to tickets, and the following text:

“Imagine that you’re  sinking.
Downer, downer, and yet further down.
And now you’re here.
And it’s so dark in here, isn’t it?
But even though you can’t see
you know you are not alone.
No, never alone.”

While “Inductio” has now concluded, the mysterious KVLT is now underway, costing $10 and providing unique calls,voyeuristic videos, and curated soundtracks.



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