Santu Deliria – Inductio is a Beautiful Descent into Madness

Below is a review of Santu Deliria: Inductio. We recommend seeing this show with as little to no spoilers as possible, and thus, we have included a stop point in which slight thematic spoilers are discussed. Read on and stop reading when you want. Are you ready?



How many times have you truly felt afraid? I’m not talking about a jump scare at a theme park or the dread of being home alone after a late night horror film—I’m talking about the kind of fear that only comes from yielding all control to the unknown, creating a wave of anxiety that washes over you and fills your head with every terrible what if imaginable. This isn’t a feeling I want to experience often, but when I can distill it in the controlled safety of a haunted house, it is an absolutely beautiful thing. But as with any feeling, it fades over time. You can find increasingly extreme events to chase it, but with time actor’s faces become familiar and experiences can become almost… comforting.

Santu Deliria: Inductio offers the chance to feel something pure. A chance only offered once in a company’s lifespan. No expectations, no bias, no information. Even by reading this review, you are tainting this elusive feeling. So, if you trust Haunting, if you trust me, if you trust in controlled fear, then stop reading now, buy a ticket, and experience this.

Have you bought it yet?

Great, you can stop reading. But if your answer is no, then maybe you need a little more information. That’s okay—but I’m still going to keep it vague.

I’ll start with two things it is not, before I dive into what it is. First, this is not unsafe. The actors have worked many other haunted attractions and are skilled in generating fear in a controlled environment. Second, this is not a Heretic or Blackout level extreme haunted house. It is full-contact; you will be uncomfortable, and you will be scared. But you will not be punished or tortured.

With that out of the way, what is Santu Deliria’s Inductio? It is a fever dream of a nightmare, it is an induction ceremony into madness, it is waking up to the truth. A room once familiar transformed. A question of reality. Whispers emanating from darkness. Desire that casts no shadow. Pleas for help, pleas for the truth. Restraint. Control. A promise to something greater. The breath of someone, something, on your neck. A confession of your sins.

Ultimately, Santu Deliria is the closest to a physical representation of madness that I have encountered. After Alice falls into Wonderland, she is confronted by a world that embraces delirium, and she is forced to learn the rules of this new world—much like you must as well. Inductio is a world of twisted logic and shifting rules. This anxiety to understand feels urgent, yet impossible. And that, to me, is what a nightmare truly is.

Inductio is something truly special. It is innovative, smart, and evocative. The atmosphere, actors, and narrative all swirl together into an amalgamation of horror and beauty. Three distinct moments inspired an awe in me that very few experiences have been able to do. Further, the actors were a highlight. They forced me to feel intense terror, immense pity, and even desire all in a singular show.  This is something this community has needed for a long time: it is the perfect entry level haunted house for those wanting a little more than the typical theme park can offer.

If you’ve read this far, then I hope I intrigued some dark recess of your mind. There are very few tickets remaining, if any, so don’t wait. Go buy a ticket now. This is something we need to support. It is something we all need.



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Santu Deliria: Inductio runs Friday and Saturday nights in June. Please check out their website and for tickets, click here.

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