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Santu Deliria broke onto the immersive horror scene in 2017 with the aptly named Inductio. a wry play on extreme haunts that fused dark comedy with real fear to intrigue it’s audience.  Since then, creator Sean Adams and the Santu team have expanded their universe, creating Slack forums, spin-off experiences, and long-form alternate reality games, all keeping with the ephemeral tone and candor of the Santu universe. trims trims trims trims


As 2019 begins, Santu brings us a new series, TRIMS, which combines a Lynchian-esque sandbox-style bar experience with an intense, full-contact haunt.  This may be their most successful formula to date—the Santu crew have already planned numerous experiences under the TRIMS banner for the remainder of the year.  As we approach the first of the TRIMS installments, Haunting spoke with Sean Adams to hear more about this unique series and how he plans to unspool it in the coming months.


Can you tell us about the TRIMS?

The TRIMS are a new series of events set firmly within the Santu Deliria universe.  They differ from our traditional “shows” in that they’re more geared toward atmospheric world-building, in which you’re given more or less free rein. You’re essentially stepping in between worlds for a night; the world you step into is constantly changing and you’re expected to become quickly au fait with the ebb and flow of wherever you find yourself.

As with anything Santu, you can expect a combination of absurd horror and unfettered blackbantz. You should expect to be challenged, and come away gladder for it. It’s not for everyone.


What are the inspirations for the TRIMS? 

Honestly, I wanted to open a Santu Deliria bar. I like going into bars where you can just tell something’s wrong – the music’s weird, the people are either curmudgeonly or insane, strange smells. That’s basically Santu, so I figured we could do a decent job of synthesizing that environment, albeit more fantastically: a bar where everything down to the conversation is designed to be surreal and unsettling. It’s difficult to open an actual bar, so this’ll have to do for now.


Can you tell us more about the narrative? 

There is an overarching storyline, but it’s neither explicitly prescribed nor essential. The idea is for each event to be unique and largely self-contained, though you should be able to start piecing together a wider narrative the more events you attend, or even craft your own stories out of the elements provided.


Santu Productions | Trims


Is the lounge included in the narrative? What are the themes? Are drinks included in the ticket price?

BABASANTU is where the majority of the event will take place. It’s essentially a lounge in Santu Deliria, a territory that exists just horizontally of your own. That’s where you’ll find our residents and interact with the world presented to you, as well as indulge in a bit of harmless revelry.

Santu Deliria is best thought of as a mindscape where you can indulge those darkest, most undesirable aspects of yourself, and that will be reflected in BABASANTU. Each event will be centered around a distinct theme, even if it may not always be immediately apparent. I have tentative ideas for six of these so far. You should never know quite what to expect when you sink yourself into the BABA.

The drinks system is dependent on location, so I can only speak for the first event at present, but yes: two specially-crafted cocktails are included in the ticket price, and you are also welcome to bring your own.


What is THE BLACKER? What’s the level of contact? Does it fit within the same storyline and theming? 

THE BLACKER is a grimmer bonus. It’s a 10-15 minute one-on-one experience unique to each event, which will be full-contact and typically more intense than the wider goings-on, though not always “extreme” in the traditional sense. Patrons looking for an “extreme haunt” might be disappointed.

THE BLACKER experiences are symbiotic to the overall theme of each event.


What do you want people feel or leave these events with?

We want to provide an experience where you can indulge in an altogether more fantastical world than you’re likely to find “out there.” It’s a world where you don’t have to find The Strange, The Strange will find you just by virtue of having entered us. People are lost and feel out-of-place “out there,” so we want to provide a space which is far more out-of-place than you, and can always be found if you have the right eyes to look for it. Also, it’s a bar. Everyone loves a bad bar.



Check our Events page for upcoming TRIMS and find out more about Santu Productions and their events on their website. Buy tickets to the first TRIMS experience, Salute the Monkey, here.

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