Six Flags' Fright Fest

Six Flags’ Fright Fest is a Halloween event at Six Flags Magic Mountain that focuses on traditional jump scares, creating atmosphere through scare zones, and delivering a high quality haunted experience.

  • Six Flags’ Fright Fest
  • 26101 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355
  • Group Experience in the Mazes
  • No Contact; Darkness; Fog; Jump Scares; Loud Noises
  • Rides, Mazes, Scare Zones, and Live Shows
  • Traditional Jump Scares with a DC Area

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More about Six Flags' Fright Fest

Six Flags’ Fright Fest takes over Six Flags Magic Mountain in the Autumn evenings and fills it wil 16+ Mazes, scare zones and roaming monsters.

A new zombie scare zone
The zombies have escaped and set up camp just outside our newest haunted maze. If you cross the line into The Ruins, you’ll be surrounded by crazed marauders looking for their next victim.

More roaming monsters
Watch your back as you walk through the park because we have more zombies loose on the streets than ever before. Hundreds of frightening creatures run rampant through our scare zones. They’ll sneak up on you when you’re not looking. It’s not just the ghouls – we have some of the creepiest sliders, stilt walkers, and specialty acts you’ll ever see.

An alien invasion on The New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster
The New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster makes its first Fright Fest appearance in 2016. Using Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus, you’ll need to save the world from an army of terrorizing aliens. The coaster itself is scary enough, but we turn up the fear by putting you in the pilot’s seat to shoot the attacking creatures.

A new twist on your favorite coasters – in pitch darkness
If monsters aren’t enough to make you scream, we’ve added a new twist to some of our most popular coasters. We’re turning the track lights off, leaving you to face your fears in the dark. No matter how many times you’ve ridden Twisted Colossus, Viper, Goliath, Tatsu, Full Throttle, BATMAN The Ride, THE RIDDLER’s Revenge, Scream, or Apocalypse, they’ll feel completely different and more intense when you can’t see the drops and twists up ahead in the darkness.

And don’t fear, all of your favorites including Vault 666, Red’s Revenge, Toyz of Terror, and Willoughbys Resurrected will return to keep you screaming all night long.



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