The Victim Experience

The Victim Experience by Freakling Bros is the most realistic, traumatic, and horrifying test of psychological fortitude currently being offered in the United States. You’re not the voyeur; you’re the victim. This show simulated death in very realistic and visceral manners.

  • The Victim Experience
  • Las Vegas
  • Individual Experience
  • Full Physical Contact
  • Electricity, Drowning, and Suffocation
  • Extreme simulated death scenarios
  • Only 30% don’t use the safe-word

The Victim Experience was on hiatus for 2016, but will return during the Halloween season of 2017


More on The Victim Experience

In October 2013, “The Victim Experience” was unveiled for extreme thrill seekers. Tickets for the entire month sold out in less than 2 weeks. The majority of our “Victims” were from out of state, and 20 percent were repeat customers. Although the success rate was just under 30%, satisfaction was nearly unanimous. 99% of those who attempted not only believed they delivered on-site, but most contacted Freakling Bros days or weeks later to thank them, citing a great “sense of accomplishment”, a general “paradigm shift” a “renewed life perspective” and other similar results that had never anticipated.

Freakling Bros. Proudly Presents The Victim Experience III: A twisted, masochistic, and utterly Hellish experience for that special kind of thrill seeker. This experience is not for most. This experience is not “fun.”

What’s Included in a Ticket Purchase:

  • Orientation and safety class (on site) with refreshments. This is where you will meet your fellow “Victims”.
    Last Rites with Pope Satanus.
  • Your official trip through the immersive “The Gates of Hell: Uncensored”, filled with various horrors, challenges, obstacles, and aberrations.
  • Decompression and debriefing in heated tent with your fellow Victims and the creators of the event. This includes hot drinks, cold beverages, and snacks.
  • Option to stay on site and watch other Victims in subsequent time slots attempt to make it through.
  • Survivor T-Shirts will be awarded to those who make it through. These special edition shirts will not be available for purchase.

The Victim Experience was on hiatus for the 2016 Halloween season, but will return in 2017. For more information and updates, follow Freakling Bros. Horror Shows on Facebook & Twitter.

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