Whisperlodge Video Provides an Intimate Look at their Los Angeles Debut

Whisperlodge, an intimately guided spa for the senses, made its west coast debut in Fall 2017 by bringing over its unique ASMR experience to San Francisco and Los Angeles.  The show is produced by Andrew Hoepfner (creator of the immersive theater performance, Houseworld), Steph Singer (creator of the immersive classical musical experience, BitterSuite), Melinda Lauw (artist and ASMR researcher), and Chia Lynn Kwa (graphic designer, illustrator, immersive performer).  Together, they have spent the last year fine-tuning Whisperlodge into the tingle-inducing sensory treatment it is today using ASMR techniques.  Haunting recently had a chance to talk with the creators which you can find in our interview Whisperlodge Brings ASMR into the Physical Realm. Whisperlodge ASMR. 


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, or ASMR for short, is the term used to describe the experience characterized by a static-like or tingling sensation on the skin that typically begins in the head and scalp and moves down the back of the neck and upper spine.  It is commonly triggered by soft whispers or light touches.  Think of the crinkling sounds of paper tickling your ear or a gentle ray of light glimmering in your peripheral.  



whisperlodge live asmr experience new york city los angeles immersive



These mundane everyday actions have a peculiar power to transport your mind to a new form of relaxation.  This phenomenon is only in its infancy of being studied academically, but we’re certain that there are still many possibilities to explore in this sensory experience.


The team at Whisperlodge were kind enough to allow Haunting to record one of their LA sessions which some of the footage can be seen in the video below.  Follow a few of the patrons as they begin their journey blindfolded on the streets and soothingly drift into an auditory and visual realm.


Video footage filmed by Kevin Hsu; Editing by Jon Kobryn


For more information on upcoming Whisperlodge performances, you can check them out on their website, Facebook, and Instagram

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Jon’s fascination with immersive experiences started with haunted houses, but going through Punchdrunk’s production of Sleep No More opened up an entirely new world. A graduate of Temple University’s film program, he lives in Philadelphia with his cat and enjoys traveling, mixology, and Nine Inch Nails.

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