dark harbor cocktail guide

Dark Harbor Cocktail Guide 2019 – The Secret Bars at the Queen Mary!

To drink, or not to drink? Isn’t that the wrong question? Whether ‘tis nobler to search for hidden bars for hand-crafted drinks, bragging rights, special photo ops, access to exclusive ship interiors, or the chance to scare other guests of Dark Harbor – all are valid reasons to start your quest. Finding these bars is a thrilling addition to the already overwhelming amount of attractions at Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. dark harbor cocktail guide


While we’ve already reviewed the haunts at this year’s Dark Harbor (and the drinks last year), below we’ve outlined all the hidden bars, a few not-so-hidden ones, and the essential information you’ll need to gain access to them. Each bar has a hint that most scare-actors and bar staff are equipped to give you, but there is still some searching involved in order to find it. The staff is very “hush hush” about the details; these hidden gems can only be found through wit, a keen eye, little wooden coins, or, of course, our Haunting.net guide. Enjoy getting booed and boozed up!


dark harbor cocktail guide

Photo: Taylor Winters



HINT: This is not a hidden bar, but it should be your first stop of the night. They should have all the wooden coins you’ll need to gain access to the secret bars, or the information you’ll need to get them.


WHERE: Just beyond the entrance gates, to your left.

This bar’s sole menu is a surprisingly diverse mix and match whiskey flight. It’s reasonably priced at $15 for your choice of three tastes, including everything from Scotch to Bourbon to flavored Moonshine for all your straight-shootin’ or slow-sipping needs.


dark harbor cocktail guide

Photo: Taylor Winters




WHERE: When you first enter the Lullaby haunt, you’ll walk down winding hallways, until you find the entrance through a dark curtain into the lounge.

Because it’s a mandatory stop in the maze, it can be a little congested and the wait for a drink can take a bit of time. However, this bar only serves little shots (not full-sized drinks) to help hurry passersby along. It also has a tarot card reader, and a few seats if you’re able to snag one.



Mary’s Last Breakfast: The perfect way to finish one’s life. A crisp, palate cleansing experience with a touch of cream.

Possessed by Spirits: A life-altering experience. A tropical refreshing delight, with a hint of watermelon.


dark harbor cocktail guide

Photo: Taylor Winters


Bar #2: FATHOM6

HINT: Beware the #6.

BONUS HINT: The first bar you walk through is not the bar you’re looking for.



WHERE: Look for the scare-actor who jumps out at you from the floor with a blue light on her. If you make it to the spooky showers, you’ve gone too far but can still turn back. It’s a long hallway with a curtain. Hidden to your left, behind the curtain, is the walkway to this sub-sea-level entrance. Just go past the curtain, trust us.

Luckily this experience comes with a smooth elevator ride that gently takes you down 6 fathoms to the creepiest bar on the ship. This is the bar for Instagram photos inside the Queen Mary, especially if you’re looking for its famous, rusty old ship interior. It’s gorgeous and the views alone is worth the trip. This was my favorite bar, and a little scary for those afraid of heights.



Die Slow: One sweet, citrusy classic which begs to be enjoyed by all, slowly on their deathbed.

6 Feet Deep: Go deep down to where salty meets sweet, if you dare.


dark harbor cocktail guide

Photo: Taylor Winters




HINT: Look below the hanging lifeboat.



WHERE: Not as well-hidden as the rest of the bars, this one can be seen from inside the haunt itself. Once you get a glimpse of it during your walk-through, you’ll probably have a good idea of where the door is in one of the next rooms. Though if you’re having trouble, look for the guard standing in front of its entrance. You’ll be able to tell that they aren’t a scare-actor in the maze. If you find yourself surprisingly splashed with water, you’ve gone too far.

Why? Because inside you’ll be able to squirt water at other haunt-goers with a button, unbeknownst to anyone walking by. You’re also able to order from their fully-stocked bar, including two of the most interesting cocktails this year at Dark Harbor – one with Crème de Violette, a hard-to-find, exotic, and purple liquor that used to not be available in America. As well as a spicy tequila drink for anyone whose idea of a good time is ordering death-level spicy Buffalo wings. (Okay, maybe it’s not that spicy…but you might want to also order a chaser or some water.)



The Gray Ghost: The salted caramel chocolate martini uses a drop of creme de violette to become a perfect dessert cocktail for your inner spectre.

Captain’s Death: Go down with the ship when smokey meets spicy with the perfect fruity twist.


dark harbor cocktail guide

Photo: Taylor Winters




HINT: Go right.

BONUS HINT: There is no bookcase for you to find this year, just a moveable wall.



WHERE: After walking through the dressing rooms you’ll be asked to make a decision – to go right or left. Both will lead you to monsters and jump-scares, but only the right will lead you to Sideshow, the hidden bar in Circus. Once you find a fake wall that actually opens, you can exchange your wooden nickel for entrance.

This oddity- and painting-lined room has some of the most fun cocktails in Dark Harbor. The playful nature of the haunt isn’t lost in its secret bar, where you can actually get a pickled egg chaser, or kick your adrenaline up another notch with a spicy vodka pineapple. A few other fun features include a peek out to Dark Harbor from a barred window – giving you the circus-life view rarely seen by anyone but the animals – as well as a hidden camera in the maze that lets you blow puffs of air onto other guests roaming through.



Pickled Punk: Monsters and misfits unite! A modern take on the prickleback shot. Upgrade your experience with a pickled egg as your edible chaser.

The Freakshow: An evil circus favorite. The standard vodka pineapple just got a fiery kick.


dark harbor cocktail guide

Photo: Taylor Winters




HINT: Escape from the wardrobe.



WHERE: Look out for the marking that matches your wooden nickel, the three claw marks. Once you see that, go through the wardrobe. You know the one, with the person who isn’t a scare-actor guarding its entrance? If you haven’t caught on by now, that’s always a tell-tale sign you’re in the right place.

This bar has a giant police line-up wall that you and your outlaw friends can take photos in front of with your dark-humored drinks. One on the menu is called a Suicide, in honor of the maze’s main star’s final blow. Another charming feature of this bar is a hidden window where you can terrorize other maze-walkers with bursts of electric lights and sounds effects while they’re walking through a supposedly empty hallway, unaware that you and your ruthless gang of bar patrons are scaring them from the other side.



Suicide: It’s to die for. Spritzer taste with a cocktail vibe.

Sociopath: There’s two sides to this guy. A sweet start meets a citrus finish.


dark harbor cocktail guide

Photo: Lacey Rae




WHERE: At the end of the Feast maze, after a ridiculous amount of stairs and escalators.

Of course the food-themed haunt has the most delicious treat at the end: Broken Compass. It’s not hidden, but if you don’t visit any other haunt bars, this is the perfect stop because it’s the only bar that has every specialty cocktail of Dark Harbor on its menu.

Acting as a fold to the Fathom6 bar, this one has a spacious industrial interior that isn’t as rusty or decayed as the boiler room. That being said, the use of lights shining against the ship’s pipes would make for incredible Queen Mary photos you won’t get any other time of year. It’s a wonderful oasis for those who need to cool down from their haunt adrenaline rushes with cold drinks.



All of the above.


dark harbor cocktail guide

Photo: Taylor Winters


Beyond just the hidden bars around Dark Harbor, there are a few other bars accessible to everyone. These bars are all fully loaded, able to handle almost any standard drink request, including beer and wine. If you’re the type to want to keep your wits about you through mazes but still want a fun menu, playful food stands are also scattered throughout, selling Iscream and other indulgent and themed snacks and meals.


Just about everyone can join in on the fun at Dark Harbor, but being one of the few to have found all the bars in the park is a badge of honor that only an exclusive few receive. One that keeps you looking behind dark corners, not knowing what trick or spirituous treat lurks there in its shadows.


dark harbor cocktail guide

Photo: Taylor Winters


Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is running now through November 2nd. Find out more about Dark Harbor, and buy tickets, HERE. Make sure to subscribe to our Event Calendar for more haunts and horror experiences throughout the year.



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