Stash House

Stash House is best known for their escape rooms. However, they also occasionally produce one- to two-day immersive experiences combining actors, escape rooms, & multiple endings dictated by the participants actions.

  • Los Angeles based experiences
  • Escape room continuously running (4-11 people)
  • Intimate Experiences (1-2 people)
  • Short runs for Immersive experiences (1-2 nights);
  • Drug-related themes
  • Wildly entertaining and thrilling

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More on Stash House

Stash House was created by Los Angeles based filmmakers Don DeLeon and Tommy Honton. Writing together since 2009, Don and Tommy wanted to bring their story-telling sensibilities and knack for interesting twists to the escape room world. In 2015, Don and Tommy became acquainted with local businessman and entrepreneur Ray Jones who invited them into his organization with an offer they couldn’t refuse. With his help, Stash House was born.


Stash House Escape Room:

Your group has been invited to a seemingly-normal Koreatown apartment owned by a local entrepreneur to discuss a business opportunity.

Shortly after arriving, you discover the apartment belongs to Ray Jones, notorious Los Angeles drug kingpin, and that Ray has a test in store for you: find all the drugs hidden in the space and flush them before the cops arrive or face the consequences.


Street Baptism:

Prior to the opening of the escape room, they put on Street Baptism. This was an immersive and interactive three-chapter experience that allowed guests to experience the three most important days of Ray’s life, allowing participants to explore what made Ray the man he is today.


Give Up the Ghost:

Give Up The Ghost was an immersive challenge at Midsummer Scream in 2018 where guests had to do Ray a solid and convince an elusive figure to work with him.



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