Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor is a haunted attraction with some mazes taking place on the haunted Queen Mary ship. Mazes are well crafted and fun with real atmosphere, memorable characters, and a carnival-like theme.

  • Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor
  • 1126 Queens Highway • Long Beach, CA 90802
  • Group Experience in the mazes
  • No Contact; Darkness; Fog; Jump Scares; Loud Noises
  • Six mazes, Hex Paintball Experience, and Panic 4D Experience
  • The Queen Mary is reported to be actually haunted
  • A fun traditional haunt with jump scares and long lines

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More about Queen Mary's Dark Harbor

Fear has a new name. Home to over 200 terrifying monsters and led by The Captain and his army of the undead, this haunted attraction features spine-chilling fright at every turn.

From the darkest depths of your deepest hidden fears, the Queen Mary event is resurrected this fall with its cast of sinister spirits ready to deliver another season of blood curdling terror. Live your nightmares aboard the haunted Queen Mary and join our cast of ghouls, spirits, and undead for an unforgettable, frighteningly authentic haunted experience.

The Queen Mary haunt differentiates itself by having an already haunted ship as its backdrop. Thus, the sets are some of the highest quality for a big budget haunted attraction. But that doesn’t mean tickets are expensive–they provide a great value with ticket prices starting at just $20 online. Fast Fright, VIP Passes, and Overnight Packages are also available. Come back night after night and enjoy fright after fright with a Season Pass.



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26sep7:00 pm11:59 pmQueen Mary's Dark Harbor 10The Queen MaryImmersive Style:Large Scale Attractions Price: $10-$209