E3W Productions

E3W Productions is the creative team behind the critically acclaimed indie-horror film ‘The House on Pine Street.’ Drawing on their love for ghost stories and the horror genre, they strive to explore the nuanced textures and human complexities behind even the scariest of stories, presenting tales of love, loss, and horror in richly detailed, captivating ways.

  • E3W Productions
  • Los Angeles area
  • Site-specific Immersive Experiences
  • Small group shows
  • Light to no contact (no aggressive contact)
  • Narratively-driven with evocative themes
  • Non-horror, but eerie with tense moments

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More on E3W Productions

In Another Room (2017): A site-specific immersive play in which guests wandered the upstairs floor of a purportedly haunted house in Los Angeles, coming face to face with various souls that have lived, died and suffered tragedy within its rooms. With only 3 audience members admitted into the house at a time, the show was an extremely intimate experience that explored the notion of ghost stories and what is left behind from a life already lived.

Bitter At the End (2108): E3W again brought you face to face with death, this time fracturing it through the lens of the seven deadly sins to explore the different ways in which we struggle against loss and process grief. With only 7 audience members per time slot, ‘Bitter at the End’ was an achingly intimate experience that dove deep into a striking, strange, and surreal world of sorrow and asked the questions: What are we left with at the end of a life? And what can we take, if anything, from death?



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