Mabel's 6 Feet Under

Mable’s 6 Feet Under is an innovative haunted house that excels in its animatronics, maze-like trickery, and nostalgic fun.

  • Mable’s 6 Feet Under
  • Anaheim, Orange County
  • Group Experience in the Mazes
  • No Contact; Confusion; Surprising Scares; Affordable
  • Immersive; exploration and choice focused
  • Perfect for Younger Kids/Families Looking to Explore Haunts Together

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More about Mable's 6 Feet Under

This experience is truly a maze. The main resident is a little girl named Mable. She is playful and loves trickery–and will try to keep you as a guest.. permanently. And she’s enlisted the help of the dead and undead motel staff to keep you in her tourist trap. Even when you think you have found your way out, Mabel will change the path just to keep you lost. This haunt excels in its animatronics, attention to detail, maze innovations, and clever tricks.

Make sure you visit them at ScareLA and Midsummer as they have an actual scream contest at the convention. Participants can win free tickets to the event in October–and have a blast doing so. Also, make sure you keep an eye on their webpage and facebook because they have a five year plan to build an actual overnight haunt experience.

They are a non-profit organization with many programs to help the community. Their first program provides job training in theatrical arts construction for underdeserved adults (Building Occupational Opportunities, or BOO). This helps teach skills to those in need of work and get them back on their feet.  Their second is called “Launch Pad” and it helps people get their business started. And their final program is called “Fresh Start” which is a program where people that are having trouble keeping a job or perhaps have a criminal past are recommend from outside agencies to work with us. Their commitment to teaching the craft of Haunted Houses and helping develop their community is truly commendable.




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