Catharsis Horror

Catharsis horror is a live immersive extreme horror show, created to give you a unique real life experience that will truly push your limits and give you a taste of the dark and cruel world we live in.

  • San Diego Area
  • Highly Personalized Solo experiences
  • Simulated Rape; Nudity; Gore
  • Simulated Torture; Claustrophobia
  • Brutal aggression and physicality
  • Experience Live Streamed to members who can impact the show real time.
  • Different tiered memberships to those who want to watch online

The theme for the first show was “Human Trafficking.” The theme for the second show is “Captial Vices.” Shows occur multiple Saturdays throughout the month. The theme is expected to change every four months.

For information on any upcoming experiences, please scroll down or check our events page, map, or calendar!


More on Catharsis Horror

Catharsis Horror is a new venture into extreme terror. It offers guests the level of intensity they crave, while embracing a community eager to engage, interact, and push participants–all from the comfort of their own homes. While this show may not be for everyone, it is for some–and we hope all guests are aware of exactly what they are signing up for, and what they are truly asking for. Catharsis is a year round haunt offering shows multiple times a month. The current theme is “Human Trafficking” but the theme changes every four months.


Catharsis is currently being run by tormentors who previously worked for McKamey Manor. However, Catharsis has separated themselves from McKamey by offering a Safe Word, allowing intensity customization, and by having the performance in a safe environment with trained medical personnel on site.



You will be manhandled, shocked, forced to eat unpleasant things, you will be put into uncomfortable situations, you will be exposed, in contact with water and other forms of suffocation, you will be recorded and streamed Via the internet.



Catharsis further differentiates itself from other extreme haunts by allowing audience interaction during the performance. This is accomplished by selling memberships that allow access to live-streaming video of guests going through. This live stream allows for the Catharsis Community to watch, engage, and even provide direction for the actors. As guests are tortured, their friends and complete strangers can watch via this Facebook group. They will be cheering, pushing the tormentors to go harder. The live-stream also presents a different challenge: the spoiler. Guests can watch the event to learn more, to participate virtually, or to see if its the right fit–but by doing so, the unknown is illuminated and what happens inside is, in essence, spoiled.



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