ZOE Escape Room Brings Fear from CA to Vegas – Preview

When we first reviewed ZOE, the first escape room by Escapade Games in Fullerton, CA, we called it “the scariest and most immersive escape room” we’ve been to. This was in large part due to the innovative puzzles, the gorgeously creepy set design and, of course, the terrifying actors that chase you from room to room. ZOE quickly became one of the most critically acclaimed escape rooms in the world and a clear recommendation to horror fans during the Halloween season and beyond. Bally’s Casino.


Now, ZOE is ready to haunt a new location filled with dazzling neon lights, the jingle of change pouring from slot machines, and prime entertainment from around the world: the one and only Las Vegas.


ZOE | Bally's


Haunting was given an exclusive sneak peek at the sets, puzzles, and construction of the new ZOE escape room in Las Vegas, NV, and spoke to executive producer of ESCAPED Vegas John Good, creative director Jimmy Denning, and co-creator of ZOE Kirill Ostrovskiy.


Much like Escapade Games’ ZOE in Fullerton, groups of two to six will have to work together to navigate a haunted house and free Zoe, a little girl trapped in a house of horrors. But to escape, they will have to solve puzzles, complete rituals, and move deeper into the horror house.


ZOE | Bally's


For those familiar with the Fullerton location, the Vegas site uses a similar aesthetic and artistic direction, with a few changes and upgrades. The rooms feel a bit tighter and more claustrophobic, adding to your fear as live actors stalk you through the premises. Further, as in Vegas tradition, there is some truly impressive showmanship as characters are revealed—but that is something to be seen and not described. Finally, as there are a few more rules within a casino, there isn’t any crawling during this experience (don’t worry; there’s plenty to make up for it).


Denning teases that their actors will heighten the experience with their intimidating size. “We hired ex-football players to play the part!” As he showcases some of the startling surprises and hidden passages, we were in awe of all the opportunities for scares from these hulking horrors. After all, this is a fully immersive escape room—and the actors will interact with you.


ZOE | Bally's


“We couldn’t be more excited to bring ZOE from the Los Angeles area to Las Vegas. Fans can’t rave enough! ZOE is a new form of experiential entertainment; it’s interactive, live theatre that is mentally challenging and scary, with an intriguing storyline,” says Good. “Though we are debuting in time for Halloween, we plan to keep ZOE open well into 2019, providing frights, horrors, and fun daily.”


ZOE | Bally's


ZOE, a 45-minute immersive horror experience, will operate in the Bally’s Las Vegas Casino from 10 a.m. to 2 a.m., Thursday – Sunday and from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday – Wednesday. Ages 13 and over will be permitted until 8 p.m.; after 8 p.m. guests must be 16 years of age or older to enter, as the scare level elevates.


Tickets are $45 for entry until 8 p.m. and $55 for entry after 8 p.m., and may be purchased in person at any Caesars property box office or on Ticketmaster. Be sure to check out ESCAPED Vegas for more information.

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