Why Horror Movies Are So Popular and a List of the Most Anticipated Horror Movies of 2022

Brutal murders, bloodthirsty zombies, angry ghosts… why do viewers like to watch it? We investigated the horror phenomenon and found that a few hours of anxious waiting lead to a marked improvement in emotional health.

Surveys of fans of the genre prove that the advantage of horror is not only the emotions that we experience directly while watching, but also what remains after it. After watching a horror movie, a person feels its aftertaste for a long time. About two hours of rapidly changing emotions do not go unnoticed by our body.

In addition to feature films, we often see short films. As a rule, they are published by unpopular creators in their social media accounts. The main platform for the creativity of such content makers is YouTube. With horror being in demand all over the world, creators don’t even need to buy YouTube subscribers to become famous. Quite often short films become popular and are viewed thousands of times. Also, if you are a student you can custom dissertations from the writing experts who could help you out at any time to be more free while studying and seeing more horror movies.

Studies show that approximately 10% of people are addicted to adrenaline. They need constant shaking to feel alive. Not everyone can go skydiving or rock climbing every day. But everyone can afford to sit down after a hard day’s work watching horror. Even sitting on the couch or in the cinema chair, we give the body the necessary hormonal surge. Most people experience genuine pleasure from such an experience and they want to relive it again and again.

Therefore, today we can often see horror premieres that are highly anticipated by fans of this genre. By the way, if you want to try yourself in shooting such films, then nothing should stop you. Now you can constantly notice the work of new directors both in cinemas and on various online platforms.

Of course, the ideal variant is to make movies for Netflix to get the maximum exposure, but at first, you can publish small videos or short films on streaming sites. At first, authors tend to buy real YouTube subscribers to promote their name, but then people find them themselves.

Let’s finish with the theoretical information and talk about what kind of horror films the world is waiting for in 2022!


A female astronaut on a space station in outer space watching solar storms discovers that they warp time and pose an immediate threat to our planet. But the main danger is the demons from her past, with which she will not be so easy to deal with.



The inhabitants of a small town are in mortal danger. A flock of mutant squirrels has appeared in the nearby forest, they know no mercy…


The Twin

A mother will have to face the unbearable truth about her surviving twin son.


Shut In

When a young mother is barricaded in a closet by her abusive ex-boyfriend, she must get creative to find a way out and protect her two young children from growing danger.


The Return of the Killer Klowns from Outer Space in 3D

It’s been 30 years since the events of Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988). Bloodthirsty clowns are returning to Earth to capture it. And only the most courageous and courageous people should unite their efforts to repulse them.



Raven’s Hollow

A West Point military academy cadet and four of his fellow students, returning from an exercise, encounter a secret community of hermits who carefully guard a sinister secret and keep all the locals at bay. Trying to figure out what is happening, the characters come face to face with mortal danger.

These films are the most anticipated this year. Let’s watch and rate them!


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