Faceless Ventures’ Unwrapped Presents an Honest Commentary Under Layers of Nostalgic Laughter.

Would you ever attend a show if you knew nothing except for the title and the company producing it? Unwrapped.   That is the exact question that sparked through the minds at Faceless Ventures (FV) when they unleashed Unwrapped on the world – a show they called “Our gift to you”. And indeed, apart from a mysterious […]

Haunted by the Ghosts of Christmas Present at Zombie Joe’s Blood Alley: Christmas

The lights come on. At Zombie Joe’s Underground Theater, they always do…eventually. A body, draped in a long black sheet, hangs out of the odd window situated high on the side wall of the beloved theater. From somewhere out of sight, we hear an ever-growing chorus of mumbling strangers. They seem to be enjoying themselves. […]

I Know What You Did Last Summer The Unauthorized Musical Nostalgically Hooks its Audience

Unauthorized musical versions of popular films are gaining traction in Los Angeles. From Clueless at Rockwell Table & Stage to Psycho at El Cid, more and more are popping up around the city. Just finishing up its run is I Know What You Did Last Summer: The Unauthorized Musical at El Cid. Adapted by Jordan […]

I Pledge Allegiance Combines Politics and Necromancy (Review)

I Pledge Allegiance begins ominously, in a pitch black hallway. While downtown Los Angeles bustles just outside the heavy door, a dozen or so unsuspecting patrons awkwardly sign waivers and fill the silence with half-hearted chuckles. A stone-faced security guard looks on, unamused at first, then impatient, then outright hostile. The tension is palpable. And […]

“Blowfish” Presents a Horrifying Morning After

In Blowfish, roommates Patrick and Brian find themselves in a paralyzing conundrum when, the morning after a night of getting black-out drunk, they find the body of a dead girl stuffed in their fridge. The piece unfolds in real time, giving the audience a gut-wrenching sense of what Patrick and Brian experience as possible murderers: […]

The Ciccone Tapes Unveils the Mythos behind Cracked’s Enigmatic Mastermind

The Ciccone Tapes was a private show created by Faceless Ventures that occurred on June 9th 2018 in the North of England. It was part of the mythology of Cracked – Survival Experience, an endurance haunt where the willpower of guests is tested by the enigmatic Blake Ciccone. In The Ciccone Tapes, participants arrived as detectives […]

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