The Speakeasy Society – The Wizard’s Truth – A Recollection of The Door

Below is a Recollection–this is not a review, but rather a full spoiler walkthrough of the author’s experience in The Door, Chapter Three of The Speakeasy Society’s The Kansas Collection. It is also only one path out of many that could have been experienced, so there is some repeatability in returning! In this chapter, The […]

The Speakeasy Society – The Door Proves The Hardship of Choice

There are minor spoilers for The Door, Chapter 3 in The Speakeasy Society’s The Kansas Collection below, but we’ve done our best to avoid plot points and keep key characters ambiguous.      “What is the difference between inevitable consequences and destiny?”   Lyman wipes his hands on his pajama pants. He’s nervous—rousted from bed unexpectedly. […]

Hollywood Fringe Festival – Haunting Picks From Our Staff

Hollywood Fringe Festival The Hollywood Fringe Festival is an annual celebration where people can express their individual artistic talent through a series of conventional or unconventional performances. These performances range from immersive theatre to a horror musical to a political satire. But the ultimate idea of the Fringe Festival is collaboration. Theaters offer up their space to artists that [...]

Speakeasy Society – The Key

There are different worlds that exist.  Didn’t you know? Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers for Chapter 1 of The Key There are different worlds that exist.  Didn’t you know?  Perhaps you thought we were the only ones to occupy this universe.  But, this past weekend, the winds brought in an opportunity to experience one of [...]
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