Fringe 2018: Dream Walker’s Ghosts Explores Loose Morals for a New Audience

Henrik Ibsen’s Ghosts, penned in 1881, can’t be described as the most accessible text ever written, but its criticism of 19th century morals and the controversy surrounding its content is still an inspiration to modern playwrights.  Due to its content Ghosts was, to say it generously, not universally praised at its initial release. But it’s […]

Immersion Meets Innovation at After Hours Theatre Company’s “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

It’s 1963, and I’m being led through a set of sliding doors at the Oregon State Hospital to my new home. I’m neatly dressed in a dusty blue uniform along with my fellow patients, a nervous grouping of outsiders, unsure of what lies ahead. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest   I’m not crazy. No more […]

Fringe Preview – “Dark Arts” Exclusive Lawrence Meyers Audio Interview

With myriad performances taking place during Fringe Fest, it’s a wonderful time for both traditional and immersive theater. We’re very excited to highlight one piece in particular: DARK ARTS. This experience, written by and starring Lawrence Meyers (PORN ROCK), is challenging the conventional format of theater by combining both immersive and proscenium elements to make […]

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