Geffen Playhouse - Citizen Detective - Immersive Theater - Remote Experience - Zoom

Citizen Detective – Where Anyone Can Become a Private Eye

Mickie McKittrick, renowned true crime author and investigator, is getting ready to explain to me and my fellow seminar attendees the fundaments of amateur sleuthing. “I’m going to teach you everything you need to know in order to be a help and not a hindrance,” he promises. In this age of rampant internet detectives and [...]
Murder Mystery Party Dinner with Dracula

Dinner with Dracula – Murder Mystery Dinner Party Makes Participant Interaction Its Centerpiece

In my old set of pearls and my preppiest headband, I open my Zoom settings and type in my new name. For the next hour and a half, I’m the “very conservative” Marina Seward, and – despite my dog shuffling behind me and the neighbors smoking outside my window – I’m having dinner with distant […]

Arcana | AOTW | E3W Productions

Arcana – A Free, Genuinely Impressive Occult Horror ARG from AOTW

Note: This review of AOTW and E3W Productions’ Arcana contains spoilers.   “Jade?” Hadley calls out, climbing into Jade’s junk-filled attic, filming through a cell phone she found on a lower floor. An ominous shade of red lights the attic’s interior. “Jade?” Hadley tries again, “It’s Hadley, it’s…” she trails off as a sudden noise […]

Fringe 2019 – Rock Band Murder Mystery – Hard Rock and Easy Solutions

As someone who has a strong background in Live Action Role Play (LARP) experiences, I love trying them out whenever I get the chance. So when Aaron Vanek announced that his entry for this year’s Fringe would be an ’80s-themed rock band story with a murder, I was happy to join in the festivities. Rock […]

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