Safety and Regulation: A Conversation with Haunting

The following is a editorial by staff members with input from many members of the immersive theatre community. It is intended to encourage opinion sharing, open discourse, and conversation amongst our readers on safety and regulation.    Art is designed to make us feel, and great art makes us feel strongly. Whether it’s the betrayal […]

The Appeal of Extreme Haunts, What They Are, and How to Start

What is an ‘Extreme Haunt?’ Extreme haunts give you the opportunity to live out your own horror movie. You will be placed in the role of the victim—and you will be handled as such. These haunts are not your stereotypical haunted houses with jump scares and latex masks; instead extreme haunts focus more on the psychology [...]

Why Immersive Theater Matters, What it is, & How to Get Involved

What is ‘Immersive Theater?’ Do you ever find yourself getting bored watching television? Falling asleep while reading a book? Ever wish you could be a part of the story? That your choices mattered? Immersive theater provides this opportunity. Immersive Theater Matters.   Immersive theater differentiates itself from traditional theater by removing the stage and actively [...]
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