SDCC Overview: Activations, Network Hubs & Audience Experiences – SDCC Video

With numerous experiential activations taking place under one umbrella, San Diego Comic-Con saw the emergence of branded installation areas, which featured numerous smaller activations inside. Think of them as the lands in Disneyland, if each land was appropriately devoted to a given network and each ride was an immersive experience. In this article, Haunting will […]

The Boys is an Interactive, Satirical & Super Experience – SDCC Video

Video of The Boys. Cell phone cases, charging cables, Duracell batteries, and computer accessories. All normal items you’d find in your everyday electronics store - well, except for that Cadillac with New York plates that’s crashed through the front display window. Oh, and now that you mention it, there’s a nice human-shaped hole in the [...]

The Expanse is a Thrilling Multi-Track Adventure to an Alien World – SDCC Video

Video of The Expanse at San Diego Comic Con.   She grabs my hand and pulls me into a humble dwelling. Cloth hangs from the ceiling, shielding us from the abrasive sun – but nothing inside feels like a home. There is one thing though: an ornate, metallic tea kettle and two small containers. The […]

Carnival Row is a Pinnacle of Immersive Theater – SDCC Video

Video for Carnival Row.   Fruits, fresh breads, perfumes, and incense line the marketplace stalls. A cop patrols nearby; his eyes lingering on the horned stamp upon my wrist. He brandishes a baton and starts toward me – but before he reaches me, a kind woman pulls me aside. Her clothes are baggy, her apron […]

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