Rizo Scarehouse – Start the Halloween Season with a Haunting Event this Sunday!

Haunting.net is delighted to invade Rizo Scarehouse in Rialto to sponsor a special event this Sunday, September 17 at 7pm.  Start the Halloween Haunt season with the Inland Empire’s most terrifying haunted house! Adult tickets are discounted to $10; kids are free.  The event is open to the public, and all ages are welcome.





Rizo Scarehouse delighted fans at the ScareLA, offering the largest haunt at the Halloween Convention: a 3,600 sq. ft. maze of terror on the outskirts of the dark hall. This maze provided numerous monsters to stalk and hunt you in the darkness–and various areas to get lost in the fog.


We had a chance to talk to Isaac Rizo, creator of Rizo Scarehouse, about what to expect from the event this Sunday. “We have a two-part parking lot that will hold carnival games and food offerings; and people can line up for the haunt inside the warehouse.” He also wanted to make sure that this event is open to families–and accessible to horror fans of all ages. “At the end of the day I just don’t want anyone — even kids — missing out on a real haunted house.” As the owner and one of the performers, he personally keeps an eye out to make sure kids are scared but safe.  “They love it, and usually want photos and hugs after.” He works to assure that the haunt is family friendly, without nudity or profanity.  There is a safe word to end the experience if things get too intense (for people of any age).


Admission includes entry to the haunted house and much more.  So come out and join us for games, entertainment, vendors, and the first screams of the season. Oh, and don’t miss the raffle — Rizo says the prizes are awesome!





Sunday, September 17, 7pm. Rizo Scarehouse, 317 W Tullock St, Rialto. Check out their Facebook and Instagram.

The facebook event can be found here.

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