Scout Expedition Co.

Scout Expedition Co is a new immersive theater company with a rich background in scenic design, with previous work at Disney Imagineering and Delusion.


Sanction promises an interactive theater experience that will simulate a world just for you.

Shine On Collective

Shine On Collective is a Los Angeles base theater organization that produced unusual and original performance installations. Their mission is to create unique, experimental and immersive productions that explore the human condition from every odd angle.

VES Corp

VES Corp is defined as a Paradigm for New Age Technology Innovations and has a heavy science fiction inspiration with a strong artistic vibe.

The Speakeasy Society

The Speakeasy Society is an LA based immersive entertainment company creating intimate and epic experiences in unexpected places. The Speakeasy Society creates full worlds that provide an escape through total engagement and immersion, crafting a shared experience where audience interaction becomes a vital aspect of the performance.

Alone: An Existential Haunting

ALONE is an ongoing, site-specific, fully-immersive and existential experience that explores the range of human emotions. Presenting itself in a variety of configurations, ALONE explores the complex folds of the human psyche, placing you as the participant within dreams and fantasies and nightmares that you may have had and within those that you definitely have not.


CreepLA is a fully immersive, multi-sensory experience in which groups are invited to explore hidden scenes, intimate encounters, and frightful situations. It is artfully done, and relies on improv and strong narratives. It will stick with you after the show.

Screenshot Productions

Screenshot Productions’ mission in all the work they create, regardless of form or medium, is to place the individual within universal human experiences that speak to larger cultural or social issues, and thereby ask the individual to consider their responsibility and place within a larger whole. Their works often challenge the individual to find empathy and connection to others’ conditions through their own inner reflection. Screenshot Productions explore the spaces between art, technology, interconnectivity and the self, creating journeys with a genuine emotional impact.


Delusion is the pinnacle of immersive theater. You become a literal character in a real-life horror film. Traverse a fully transformed manor that becomes a world in itself. Interact with the actors, solve puzzles, chose the next path, and finish the story.

ABC Project

The ABC Project is a series of 26 site specific pieces of interactive theater written and directed by Annie Katherine Lesser. These shows require heavy interaction with actors and benefit by forming a connection during the experience.

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