Walk the Night

Walk the Night Walk the Night specializes in intimate and innovative collaborative immersive experiences, with a previous emphasis on immersive Shakespearean plays. Los Angeles based immersive experiences with prior Omaha, NE experiences Innovative, collaborative, and audience focused Intimate 1-2 person experiences All ages welcomed and accommodated On-going experiences - email/message them for an appointment For [...]


Metaforyou MetaForYou produces unique immersive & interactive theatre services for clients from personal private events to large brand activations. Los Angeles-based immersive producer A group of veteran immersive actors Shows range from solo interactions to large-scale productions Offers Consultant Services as well as producing experiences Welcomes immersive experiences of any scale For information on any [...]

The Unmarked Door

The Unmarked Door The Unmarked Door is an immersive experience company, offering experiences that invite attendees into an unexpected world of intrigue and exploration, using interactive performances, live music and audioscapes in site-specific environments and sets. Los Angeles Area Group experiences that are inclusive to all Strong narratives with a focus on narrative score and/or [...]

The Guest and The Host

The Guest & The Host The Guest and the Host: Make Music is 90 Minute recording experience that literally anyone can participate in.  Regardless of how proficient, experienced, or intimidated you may be, this process of playing instruments, singing, and sound mixing is made simple, easy and enjoyable. Los Angeles, CA 1-2 person shows No musical [...]

The 49 Boxes

The 49 Boxes The 49 Boxes is, first and foremost, a love letter to the history of early 20th century illusions and the artists whose skill and ingenuity cemented magic as one of entertainment’s most enduring forms. Portable experience with multiple Los Angeles and San Francisco events. Community oriented experience with collaborative themes Utilizes a [...]


Whisperlodge Whisperlodge is an ASMR spa for the senses. Their trained guides work one-on-one with each guest in a series of visual, auditory, and haptic treatments designed to relax the body and mind. New York Area with occasional performances in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Small group and one-on-one experiences Light physical touching between performer and audience Blindfolded [...]

Epic Immersive

Epic Immersive Epic Immersive designs large-scale live immersive theatre and virtual/augmented reality experiences. They are the creators of worlds. San Francisco Area Solo and Group experiences Design Summits; Education focused Immersive; exploration and choice focused. Non-horror For information on any upcoming experiences, please scroll down or check our events page, map, or calendar! 0 Epic Immersive [...]

Ceaseless Fun

Ceaseless Fun A provocative, socially conscious performing arts group defined by a punk rock ethos and a pitch black sense of absurdist irony. They aim to mobilize their audience through their inventive, unique brand of immersive storytelling as they explore the human condition with a focus on empathy, social/cultural criticism, metaphysics, gender & sexuality, activism, [...]

Rogue Artists Ensemble

Rogue Artists Ensemble A dynamic theatre company defined by their innovative use of mixed media (including video projections, puppetry, mask work, original music, and other technology) as they develop culturally inclusive new works designed to stretch the boundaries of storytelling and performance. Los Angeles Area Group experiences Highly stylized Great production value/effects Multi-cultural storytelling Non-horror [...]

Firelight Collective

Firelight Collective Firelight Collective strives to tell deeply moving, emotionally resonant stories with heightened poeticism and richly decorated settings. With a performance style that produces a stylistic, dreamlike quality, their shows move beyond realism in order to explore deeper emotional truths. Los Angeles Area Small group experiences Immersive experiences with varied levels of interactivity Poetic, emotional [...]
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