Stash House

Stash House Stash House is best known for their escape rooms. However, they also occasionally produce one- to two-day immersive experiences combining actors, escape rooms, & multiple endings dictated by the participants actions. Los Angeles based experiences Escape room continuously running (4-11 people) Intimate Experiences (1-2 people) Short runs for Immersive experiences (1-2 nights); Drug-related [...]

The Reality X

The Reality X The Reality X is an immersive experience company that blends the puzzles and excitement of escape rooms with the intimacy and interactivity of  immersive theatre to create a truly unique experience. Los Angeles centric experiences Group experiences with solo tracks Narrative-driven competition where friends become enemies Light-contact, hoods, and restraints Horror, intrigue, [...]

Drycraeft LA

Drycraeft LA Drycraeft LA is an immersive company that specializes in immersive performances as well as long running alternate reality experiences. They are known for the long-running The Society/Boanthropic ARX experience as well as Wolftrail ARX and Rochester, 1996. Los Angeles Based Immersive experiences with audio-guided walks, group explorations, & individual events Solo or group [...]

Two Bit Circus

Two Bit Circus Two Bit Circus is a Micro-Amusement Park™ in Downtown Los Angeles that combines your love of vintage video games, arcades, and the circus with cutting-edge future tech, virtual reality, and immersive entertainment. 634 Mateo St, Los Angeles, CA 90021 A social playspace for groups and friends Virtual reality games for 1-4 people [...]

Candle House Collective

Candle House Collective Candle House Collective produces on-going immersive experiences that engage audiences via innovative methods with a heavy focus on intimate, personalized stories and experiences. Accessible to anyone world-wide Partake at your own pace with an individualized experience Highly personalized with agency to change narrative Interactions via community forum, Instagram, and/or phone calls Meaningful, exploratory, [...]

They Played Productions

They Played Productions They Played Productions is an immersive production company with an extensive history in Live-Action-Role-Plays (LARPs) and world building, who hope to utilize emotional reality, investment, and agency to re-examine older ideas or emotional truths. Los Angeles Area Group experiences Inspired from Live-Action-Role-Plays, featuring heavy interactions Audiences exist in the narrative defining their own [...]

The Unmarked Door

The Unmarked Door The Unmarked Door is an immersive experience company, offering experiences that invite attendees into an unexpected world of intrigue and exploration, using interactive performances, live music and audioscapes in site-specific environments and sets. Los Angeles Area Group experiences that are inclusive to all Strong narratives with a focus on narrative score and/or [...]

Epic Immersive

Epic Immersive Epic Immersive designs large-scale live immersive theatre and virtual/augmented reality experiences. They are the creators of worlds. San Francisco Area Solo and Group experiences Design Summits; Education focused Immersive; exploration and choice focused. Non-horror For information on any upcoming experiences, please scroll down or check our events page, map, or calendar! 0 Epic Immersive [...]

Horror Escapes LA (HELA) Productions

HELA Productions A multifaceted immersive production company on the rise that specializes in crafting an engrossing atmosphere and compelling narrative no matter what variety of immersion they choose to operate in. Los Angeles Area Group experiences (In some cases Escape Rooms) Tone and structure varies from project to project Narrative based High production value Horror [...]

Ceaseless Fun

Ceaseless Fun A provocative, socially conscious performing arts group defined by a punk rock ethos and a pitch black sense of absurdist irony. They aim to mobilize their audience through their inventive, unique brand of immersive storytelling as they explore the human condition with a focus on empathy, social/cultural criticism, metaphysics, gender & sexuality, activism, [...]
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