Cross Roads Escape Games

CROSS ROADS ESCAPE GAMES Cross Roads Escape Games is an escape room company based in Anaheim, California. Known for their use of genre-bending, innovative game mechanics, Cross Roads is constantly experimenting with the escape room medium and setting trends nationwide. Recently, they have branched into immersive theater with their horror show “The Seance.” Located at the [...]

Intruder Escape

INTRUDER ESCAPE Intruder Escape (formerly Reality X) is an immersive experience company that blends the puzzles and excitement of escape rooms with the intimacy and interactivity of immersive theatre to create a truly unique experience. Los Angeles-centric experiences 1 hr 45 minute group experiences with solo tracks Custom Spotify playlists for the drive-up Narrative-driven competition [...]


BL4KM4SS BL4KM4SS is a Los Angeles-based company producing immersive horror experiences across the country. They are flexible in date and location, providing experiences to those wanting something more than your traditional haunted house. Los Angeles Area Solo and group experiences Full physical contact with strong imagery and aggression Continuing narrative spanning experiences Experiences have 1-2 [...]

Majestic Repertory Theatre

MAJESTIC REPERTORY THEATRE Majestic Repertory Theatre is a traditional theater and immersive producer out of Las Vegas that produces a variety of productions throughout the year ranging from classic stage shows and musicals to immersive theater and immersive horror in non-theater settings. Las Vegas, NV with a permanent location and site-specific events Productions range from [...]


Hurting is a Los Angeles-based immersive production team that engages audience through satirical & horror lenses while providing exclusive, personalized, and aggressive stories and experiences.

Candle House Collective

CANDLE HOUSE COLLECTIVE Candle House Collective produces on-going immersive experiences that engage audiences via innovative methods with a heavy focus on intimate, personalized stories and experiences. Accessible to anyone world-wide Partake at your own pace with an individualized experience Highly personalized with agency to change narrative Interactions via community forum, Instagram, and/or phone calls Meaningful, exploratory, [...]

They Played Productions

THEY PLAYED PRODUCTIONS They Played Productions is an immersive production company with an extensive history in Live-Action-Role-Plays (LARPs) and world building, who hope to utilize emotional reality, investment, and agency to re-examine older ideas or emotional truths. Los Angeles Area Group experiences Inspired from Live-Action-Role-Plays, featuring heavy interactions Audiences exist in the narrative defining their [...]

Horror Escapes LA (HELA) Productions

HORROR ESCAPES LA (HELA) Horror Escapes LA (HELA) is a multifaceted immersive production company on the rise that specializes in crafting an engrossing atmosphere and compelling narrative no matter what variety of immersion they choose to operate in. Los Angeles Area Group experiences (In some cases Escape Rooms) Tone and structure varies from project to [...]

Rogue Artists Ensemble

ROGUE ARTISTS ENSEMBLE Rogue Artists Ensemble is a dynamic theatre company defined by their innovative use of mixed media (including video projections, puppetry, mask work, original music, and other technology) as they develop culturally inclusive new works designed to stretch the boundaries of storytelling and performance. Los Angeles Area Group experiences Highly stylized Great production [...]

Faceless Ventures

FACELESS VENTURES Faceless Ventures is the production team behind Cracked, Fraternity and Diary of a Deceased. Their home base is in the United Kingdom but they brought their extreme show "Cracked" to the US in 2018 pairing up with Heretic Haunted House for their event. United Kingdom Extreme and Non-Extreme immersive shows Cracked can include [...]
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