Miasma – A Terror Experience

Miasma: A Terror Experience Miasma: A Terror Experience is an extreme haunt out of Chicago that uses heavy story elements combined with full contact to provoke reactions from the audience. Chicago Area Solo experiences Narrative-driven experience with strong acting Extreme haunt with horror elements Full physical contact; nudity; blood; electricity Psychological, intense, and graphic Short Runs (usually only [...]


Whisperlodge Whisperlodge is an ASMR spa for the senses. Their trained guides work one-on-one with each guest in a series of visual, auditory, and haptic treatments designed to relax the body and mind. New York Area with occasional performances in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Small group and one-on-one experiences Light physical touching between performer and audience Blindfolded [...]

Catharsis Horror

Catharsis Horror Catharsis horror is a live immersive extreme horror show, created to give you a unique real life experience that will truly push your limits and give you a taste of the dark and cruel world we live in. San Diego Area Highly Personalized Solo experiences Simulated Rape; Nudity; Gore Simulated Torture; Claustrophobia Brutal aggression and physicality Experience Live [...]

Epic Immersive

Epic Immersive Epic Immersive designs large-scale live immersive theatre and virtual/augmented reality experiences. They are the creators of worlds. San Francisco Area Solo and Group experiences Design Summits; Education focused Immersive; exploration and choice focused. Non-horror Epic Immersive is currently producing The Infernal Motel and The Immersive Design Summit in San Francisco. Epic Immersive More on [...]

Horror Escapes LA (HELA) Productions

HELA Productions A multifaceted immersive production company on the rise that specializes in crafting an engrossing atmosphere and compelling narrative no matter what variety of immersion they choose to operate in. Los Angeles Area Group experiences (In some cases Escape Rooms) Tone and structure varies from project to project Narrative based High production value Horror [...]

Ceaseless Fun

Ceaseless Fun A provocative, socially conscious performing arts group defined by a punk rock ethos and a pitch black sense of absurdist irony. They aim to mobilize their audience through their inventive, unique brand of immersive storytelling as they explore the human condition with a focus on empathy, social/cultural criticism, metaphysics, gender & sexuality, activism, [...]

Rogue Artists Ensemble

Rogue Artists Ensemble A dynamic theatre company defined by their innovative use of mixed media (including video projections, puppetry, mask work, original music, and other technology) as they develop culturally inclusive new works designed to stretch the boundaries of storytelling and performance. Los Angeles Area Group experiences Highly stylized Great production value/effects Multi-cultural storytelling Non-horror [...]

Firelight Collective

Firelight Collective Firelight Collective strives to tell deeply moving, emotionally resonant stories with heightened poeticism and richly decorated settings. With a performance style that produces a stylistic, dreamlike quality, their shows move beyond realism in order to explore deeper emotional truths. Los Angeles Area Small group experiences Immersive experiences with varied levels of interactivity Poetic, emotional [...]

Into The Film

Into The Film Into The Film offers the unique opportunity to live a film. Become a character, don your finest costume, and enter the fictional world. Creator Erik Geffner-Mihlsten plans on using different movies for each experience--offering diverse and unique interactions and socializing, blurring the lines of actor and participant prior to a movie screening. Into The Film [...]

Faceless Ventures

Faceless Ventures Faceless Ventures is the production team behind Cracked, Fraternity and Diary of a Deceased. Their home base is in the United Kingdom but they plan on taking their extreme show "Cracked" to the US in 2018 to pair up with Heretic Haunted House for their event. Faceless Ventures United Kingdom LA based show [...]
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