The Boanthropic / The Society

The Boanthropic & The Society The Boanthropic and The Society is a singular on-going immersive experience centered around The Society, a cult that values oneness and ecstasy, and The Boanthropic, a resistance that is trying to work against The Society from the inside. But the truth is grey and who is right and who is [...]

Into The Black

Into The Black Into The Black is an ambitious experience from Larry Bones, of Bone Yard Effects, spanning a movie, a virtual reality experience, a haunt, and a documentary about putting it all together. Into The Black Los Angeles area Individual experience Fear and dread without physical contact Four part experience consisting of a movie, VR experience, [...]

Fear Games

Fear Games is an extreme haunt based out of San Diego, CA. Their first show debuted in 2016, and are noted for their physical, surreal, and sexual haunts.

Santu Deliria

Santu Deliria Santu Deliria  is an immersive theater company specializing in intense, full-contact horror experiences. Santu Deliria Los Angeles Area Surreal, intense horror experiences Full contact Extremely secretive and mysterious. Minimal information given in advance of shows re: theme, plot, or expectation Excellent introduction to "extreme haunts" Santu Deliria premiered their first show, "Inductio", in [...]

The Willows

The Willows The Willows is a year-round immersive show produced by CreepLA. Small groups are invited to the home of the Willows family for a celebratory dinner party where they'll learn more about what they're celebrating and the people who requested their presence. The Willows by CreepLA Los Angeles Area Group show with some smaller group [...]

Infinitely Dinner Society

Infinitely Dinner Society Infinitely Dinner Society is an immersive experience focused on food, art, and the infinite. Infinitely Dinner Society Los Angeles Area Short individual shows and small group dinners No contact; Some immersive elements Offers food and experiences to feed the body and mind Created by immersive vets looking to offer something new without old expectations [...]

White Helix

White Helix is an ARG/ongoing immersive experience that first appeared online in the form of an Instagram account in early 2017.

Scout Expedition Co.

Scout Expedition Co is a new immersive theater company with a rich background in scenic design, with previous work at Disney Imagineering and Delusion.

Evil Twin Studios

Evil Twin Studios is a haunt production company responsible for an annual haunted attraction during the Halloween Season, such as Ward 13, Raymond Hill Mortuary, and Theatre of Terror.

Field of Screams

Field of Screams transforms a stadium into a haunted house with five mazes and a ride that mimics being trapped alive inside a coffin.

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