Castle of Chaos

Castle of Chaos Castle of Chaos offers periodic overnight extreme haunts in the Salt Lake City area. Castle of Chaos tests the endurance of their participants both psychologically and physically - with some twists. Salt Lake City, Utah area Group shows, though most interactions are solo Must be 18 or older Full contact, restraints, temperature [...]

Walk the Night

Walk the Night Walk the Night specializes in intimate and innovative collaborative immersive experiences, with a previous emphasis on immersive Shakespearean plays. Los Angeles based immersive experiences with prior Omaha, NE experiences Innovative, collaborative, and audience focused Intimate 1-2 person experiences All ages welcomed and accommodated On-going experiences - email/message them for an appointment For [...]

Stash House

Stash House Stash House is best known for their escape rooms. However, they also occasionally produce one- to two-day immersive experiences combining actors, escape rooms, & multiple endings dictated by the participants actions. Los Angeles based experiences Escape room continuously running (4-11 people) Intimate Experiences (1-2 people) Short runs for Immersive experiences (1-2 nights); Drug-related [...]

The Reality X

The Reality X The Reality X is an immersive experience company that blends the puzzles and excitement of escape rooms with the intimacy and interactivity of  immersive theatre to create a truly unique experience. Los Angeles centric experiences Group experiences with solo tracks Narrative-driven competition where friends become enemies Light-contact, hoods, and restraints Horror, intrigue, [...]

Quietus Horror

Quietus Horror Quietus is a horror experience based in Belgium that uses psychological and extreme elements to immerse participants into its narrative. Belgium-based extreme haunt Solo experiences with possible interaction with other guests Narrative-driven with audience participation Full-contact, suffocation, aggression, liquids, adult themes Short runs (1-2 nights); invite-only For information on any upcoming events, please [...]

Drycraeft LA

Drycraeft LA Drycraeft LA is an immersive company that specializes in immersive performances as well as long running alternate reality experiences. They are known for the long-running The Society/Boanthropic ARX experience as well as Wolftrail ARX and Rochester, 1996. Los Angeles Based Immersive experiences with audio-guided walks, group explorations, & individual events Solo or group [...]

Pseudonym Productions

Pseudonym Productions Pseudonym Productions creates themed entertainment that's fully interactive, with an emphasis on theater, art, and gaming. Based out of Orlando, Fl Immersive experiences that are local or remote, allowing global play In-person experiences in Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Orlando Online ARXs, such as NoFilter, relying on phone, email, & in-person interactions [...]

Two Bit Circus

Two Bit Circus Two Bit Circus is a Micro-Amusement Park™ in Downtown Los Angeles that combines your love of vintage video games, arcades, and the circus with cutting-edge future tech, virtual reality, and immersive entertainment. 634 Mateo St, Los Angeles, CA 90021 A social playspace for groups and friends Virtual reality games for 1-4 people [...]


Metaforyou MetaForYou produces unique immersive & interactive theatre services for clients from personal private events to large brand activations. Los Angeles-based immersive producer A group of veteran immersive actors Shows range from solo interactions to large-scale productions Offers Consultant Services as well as producing experiences Welcomes immersive experiences of any scale For information on any [...]

Disco Dining Club

Disco Dining Club Disco Dining Club crafts aesthetically stunning event spectacles that begin with themed drinks and a decadent multi-course meal and then devolve into a dance party complete with additional libations. Los Angeles Based Elaborate set designs with gorgeous aesthetics Guests encouraged to dress with flair Themed menu with paired cocktails Lavish locations that [...]
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