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Immersive theater is any kind of live entertainment that brings the audience inside the world of the performance. This can range from an artistic interpretation of a feeling, a real-world scavenger hunt with a curated soundtrack, or a personalized show with actors knowing intimate details of your life. However, Immersive Theater only works if the audience is comfortable and can participate, so understanding whether a show will be a good fit is paramount. This section will provide you with a general idea of the intensities you should expect from a given company or experience.

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For an Intensity score of ZERO, audiences should expect traditional proscenium-based shows, non-horror experiences, and/or whimsically magical events. These events will have no hard touching and are meant to be creative, fun, literary, or exploratory. These are perfect for first-timers, friends, and parents.

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For an Intensity score of ONE, audiences will interact with a fictional world outside of a stage. While none of these are meant to be scary, they are a step into the world of immersive theater. There is no hard touching, and the experiences are meant to be fun, sensory, and full of discovery. These are great gateways into immersive entertainment.

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Intensity scores of TWO - IMMERSIVE provide a deeper step into the realm of immersive. These provide interactivity between audience and actor, detailed set design, and/or evocative narratives. Events may involve food or drinks and leave the participants to explore and interact on their own and engage in their own way.

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For an Intensity score of TWO - HAUNTED HOUSES, audiences should expect experiences with the intention to scare you via jump scares, simulated horror, and immersive set-design. However, they have no contact and little to no interactivity between audience and actor. Events are characterized by labyrinthine mazes, jump scares, and are group-focused.

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An intensity score of THREE is for haunted houses that innovate beyond the jump scare. These haunts force guests to crawl, run, and interact with their surroundings and actors to proceed. Actors may touch you, but it is minimal in these experiences.

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Intensity scores of FOUR engage audiences beyond that of a traditional haunted house. Guests are expected to be active, becoming actors in their own story. These are often group experiences with one-on-one encounters. Guests may have some influence on narrative & may be touched in accordance to that narrative.

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