The Willows

The Willows is a year-round immersive show produced by CreepLA. Small groups are invited to the home of the Willows family for a celebratory dinner party where they’ll learn more about what they’re celebrating and the people who requested their presence.

  • The Willows by CreepLA
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Group show with some smaller group interactions
  • Light contact; No real physicality; Brief moments with blindfolds
  • Heavily interactive with a strong story and some mystery elements
  • Creepy (but not scary), funny, and emotional
  • Excellent introduction to immersive theater

The Willows runs year-round and offers tickets for several weekends each month.

The Willows

More on The Willows

CreepLA’s year-round immersive show offers participants the opportunity to step inside the family home of the Willows. The real house (a family lives there when the show isn’t running) sets the atmosphere for the site-specific performance and is as vital to the show as any of the family members encountered throughout the evening.

As for those family members, the less said, the better. There are plenty of secrets and things to find out about those in the house, but you’ll have to discover those on your own by talking to them. Those conversations are key to the highly immersive nature of the show that keep the audience engaged throughout the evening. As often as those interactions may be creepy (however, the show never veers into horror territory), they can also be funny, touching, and emotional, often bouncing effortlessly between them in the span of a few minutes.

The Willows provides Los Angeles with a year-round immersive experience that serves as the perfect introduction for those new to immersive theater. For fans of immersive entertainment, the show is one that they’ll want to return to to discover everything they can about the family. And everyone should know, the Willows look forward to welcoming you home.

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