VES Corp

VES Corp is defined as a Paradigm for New Age Technology Innovations. VES Corp has a heavy science fiction inspiration with a strong artistic vibe.

  • VES Corp
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Individual Experience
  • Minor Contact; Darkness; Laser Lights
  • Science influences with interdimensional travel
  • Artistic with reliance on music/sound

Beta Tests for pilots concluded in June, but registration is now open for 3.0 with promises of new travels in early 2017.

VES Corp

More about VES Corp

VES Corp is a new immersive theater experience and thus little is known about it. Describing itself as “A paradigm for New Age Technology Innoventions,” they incorporated a bold science fiction theme. Test pilots in a previous show where taken to the back of a U-Haul in Boyle Heights and transported to another dimension via the Vesuvius1 Device. Utilizing headphones, a respirator, and a backpack, test pilots experienced a menacing creature with red eyes and an interdimensional being that danced to laser lights and a curated soundtrack. This event appears promising and we look forward to a full experience.

From an interview with Dr. Bowmen on the importance of sound in their events:

Dr. Bowmen: Sound/music is the most important part of what we do. Music is everything to our experiment. We believe that science and spirituality are closely connected and the connection is music. A simpler understanding of string theory will tell you that everything is made up of small vibrations. In hallucinogenic ceremonies, shamans in almost every culture use music to help travelers enter another dimension. Dr. Richmen realized that the connection between science and spirituality was a much closer line then we realized. We are using sound waves to do the very same thing but switching hallucinogenics with technology. We take this very seriously.

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