The Tension Experience

The Tension Experience created a world that truly made you care about it and the characters that inhabited it. Unraveling over nine months, you interacted with a dangerous institute (cult) in which nothing was as it seems. A community of real people formed around this experience where real friendships were made.

  • The Tension Experience
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Group Experience with Individual Sections
  • Full Physical Contact; Sensory Deprivation
  • Dramatically engaging, layered story experience
  • ARG element (Indoctrination) followed up by immersive show (Ascension)
  • Repeat visits provided vastly different experiences

Although The Tension Experience ended, The Lust Experience will be starting in 2017 as the highly anticipated follow-up.

The Tension Experience

More on The Tension Experience

We invite you to enter the doors of the O.O.A. Institute, a mysterious organization that promises enlightenment, but at what cost? Nothing is quite what it seems and something sinister lurks behind every welcoming smile… Participants lucky enough to be permitted inside will discover fervent disciples, tasks that probe and chronicle the darkest recesses of their mind and, sometimes, unexplainable terror. Individual decisions will unravel whether this is a true path to enlightenment or merely an elaborate trap set by a dangerous cult. Ascension is more than immersive theater, more than a haunted house and more than anything you could possibly imagine.  It is a journey into darkness with the possibility of being reborn in the light.

During the ARG aspect of The Tension Experience, participants solved riddles on the Tension website, met characters during sinister, in-person “consultations,” and answered hundreds of incredibly invasive questions as part of the experience, and over time the larger narrative began to take shape. The storyline built to a trip to the OOA Institute itself in Ascension. Park in downtown LA, place a bag over your head, and be driven in secret to the actual location. In the institute, you will meet a large cast of characters who will process you, test you, and if you succeed, you might find ascension. However, visit a second time, and the world is a very different place. Characters you met on your first visit will introduce themselves as actors and show you a glimpse behind the curtain. You will slowly uncover that the entire OOA is false–a setup for a much darker organization named the ODSM. They planned this entire enterprise to gather your reactions, your emotions to these “tense” situations. After a bloody finale, only two characters survived: actress Sabrina Kearn and ODSM radical Michelle… the rest lay dead within the compound. Now the OSDM proudly presents The Lust Experience for your consumption. Will you provide your emotions to them a second time?

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