Sanction promises an interactive theater experience that will simulate a world just for you.

  • Sanction
  • Los Angeles Area
  • Individual Experience
  • Full Contact with Verbal Abuse Tones
  • Restraints; Sexual Themes; Water Use
  • Immersive with Strong Character Interaction

Phase One concluded on November 18th, but a second arrival of Phase One is expected in December of 2016. Expect Phase Two in 2017.


More about Sanction

This immersive theater experience is a first year event. Please read our review of Phase One here for more information on what to expect.

It suffered from some big problems, but if you go in with no expectations it can provide an entertaining evening. The constant ridiculousness and silliness make it fun. The characters were caricatures of medical professionals, but this made them more fun to banter with. The high-speed ride was easily one of the most entertaining experiences I’ve had recently. And the ending was uncomfortable enough to elicit a fear response in me. If you can look past the insults and inconsistent tone, it really is an entertaining first year haunt with room to grow. If I could offer one suggestion for future shows: maintain a singular tone and push the boundaries to make your audience feel something real. Don’t rely on crude insults, unbalanced sexual stereotypes, and yelling to instill unease and fear. Instead create an cohesive atmosphere through your narrative, set design, and interactions and continue it throughout. Give the participant a moment to connect to the narrative and make a statement on the idea of a perfect person. It did not achieve perfection for me, but implementing a few of these improvements will make Phase Two an applauded experience.

Phase One is promised to return. Check the website or facebook for Appointment Times coming soon!

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